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Are you all set for the big day? If It’s week 35 of your pregnancy and your hospital bag is still pending — Time to Pack Your Hospital Bag/Maternity Bag!

One of the most important things to do in Third & Final Trimester:- Deciding what items to pack in the hospital bag—for baby, you and your partner. There is no excuse to forget any must-haves for the big day. Pack your hospital bag in advance with everything you need.

Hospital Bags


You should have your hospital bag ready with all the birth essentials between 32 and 35 weeks. Your due date is approaching and you still couldn’t make up what to put in the hospital bag. Don’t Fret! Bumpnmum clutched easy peasy baby hospital bag checklist. Everyone has different personal needs. So pack what you like and leave the rest!


  • Documents: The Topmost!  Photo ID, insurance info, hospital papers and birth plan (if you have one).
  • Cash and Change: Bring cash and change for snacks, gift-store runs, and any of your miscellaneous cravings.
  • Extra Bag or Two: Extra diapers, wipes, gifts and other baby products! You’re about to have more stuff coming out than you did going to the hospital.
  • Eye Glasses & Contact Lenses: Carry both. Don’t forget to take your contacts out before an operation.
  • Non-Skid/Slip Socks – Hospital Socks: Socks are needed for walking the halls before and after labor. Also, Carry 2-3 pairs of warm socks as hospitals can be very cold and in case its winter season. Bring flip-flops for the shower or to wear home if your feet are swollen.
  • Dress for Labor and Delivery: Carry your own labor & delivery gown if you’re not in a mood to wear gross, starchy, open-back gowns that the hospital provided. I have found great places to buy cute labor and delivery gowns and already clipped in this post. Also, check Stylish Maternity Dresses.
  • Going-home outfit: This most joyful moment of your life and you want to capture every moment on camera! What new mom will wear on this momentous day can be a big decision. Pick soft, cozy, and easy to get on and off the outfit. Check our Stylish and comfy outfits for mom’s Homecoming.
  • Nursing Bras and/or Nursing Nightgowns: Pack no less than 3 seamless nursing bras. Choose nightgowns that will make you comfortable – both in your bed and when you want to walk the hallways at 3 am. Pick sports bras, tank tops or swimsuit top if you’re having a water birth.
  • Nursing Pads: Leaking is more common in the early days of breastfeeding. Choose cotton nursing pads that are supple, absorbent, and washable.
  • Nipple Cream: Nipple cream can ease the pain of breastfeeding or pumping.
  • Nipple Shields: Nipple shield is must for you if you have flat or inverted nipples.
  • Your Toiletries: You need: hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, razor, deodorant, face wash, makeup (if you’d like), makeup remover, lotion, headbands, hair ties, contact lens case, and solution, etc.
  • Disposable Underwear, Heavy Flow Pads: Bring a larger supply of pads for the hospital as they will need to be changed frequently. With at least another two packs waiting at home. Pack disposable soft cotton briefs from Firstcry.
  • Bathrobe, Bath Towel:   Carry your own towel, robe, and hair dryer if you don’t want to use towel supplied by the hospital.

  • Massage Oil or Lotion: A good massage can bring you instant relief during active labor and even post delivery.
  • Lip Balm: Hospitals are very dry and lip balms are good to keep your lips moist.
  • Snacks & Drinks: Chocolate, fruit juice, Cereal bars, crackers, small pieces of dried fruit are great as they provide instant energy. A hospital will have these stocks for you but you can also bring your own if you prefer a certain kind.
  • Camera, Charger, and a Huge Blank Memory Card: It’s good to bring a camera with fully charged battery to record the precious moments. Don’t rely only on your smartphone. If you’re planning for pictures and video shoots make sure you carry it so that you don’t regret later about having any memory of it.
  • Entertainment Stuff: Music, Magazines, and audio books might help you stay relaxed.
  • Cell Phone and Charger
  • Birth Ball or Peanut Ball
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  • Pillows, Nursing Pillow:  Ensure that your pillowcase is a different color than white.
  • Breast Pump: The hospital does have it but good to have your own to use at home.
  • Baby Book, Handouts: To record the birth details of a baby!
  • Bed Sheet (Blanket or Quilt): Hospital has some stock for you that some women find handy and others find gross. Bring your own pillow, bed sheet and blanket from home.



  • Approved Car Seat:  Infant car seat installation is must in foreign countries and you cannot leave the hospital without this.  In India, hospitals don’t follow this rule but it is recommended to get the baby seat installed in the car.
  • Baby Clothes: Bring at least 3-month sized clothes including coming-home outfit according to the weather. Don’t forget socks or booties, mittens, and hat. Along with that also get two to three sleeping suits, vests, cotton dresses and pajamas! Being a baby’s first day out in the real world, going home outfit is very important. A comfortable Baby kimono shirt is ideal for babies.
  •  Diapers (Newborn size) and Several Packs of Wet Wipes: Most hospitals provide this as a part of the package. Take as much as you can!
  • An Easy Swaddle: To cover up the little one and to keep your baby warm on the way home take muslin swaddle cloth!
  • Baby Bottles:  A properly-rinsed and sterilized bowl, feeding spoon and baby bottle is a must.  Bring your own baby dish-wash liquid and teat brush set! Make sure you bring anti-colic and BPA free bottle.
  • Baby Oil: Take baby oil to put on baby’s bum after each diaper change. Check why baby powder is not a good solution for diaper rashes.
  • Pacifiers: Hospital will charge you for it which is normally a little higher in price.
  • Accessories For Your First Photos With Your Newborn: Take Baby milestone cards, lovely hair accessories for your baby girl and cute newborn bow tie for your boy.
  • Large Plastic Ziplock Bag: For dirty/soiled clothing.
  • Burp Cloths & Bibs

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  • Clothes & Underwear
  • Snacks and Drinks
  • Comfortable Shoes, Personal Care Items
  • Bed Sheet, Pillow, Blanket: Pick a non-white pillowcase to easily identify yours from the hospital pillows. This can come in handy while at the hospital and on the car ride home.
  • Cell phone, Charger, Entertainment Stuff
  • A list of people to notify and to get in touch in case it’s an emergency.
  • Cash, Spare Change: Check if the vending machines accept credit cards!
  • Pen, Notepad
  • Some Gifts, Balloons, & Sweets

Overpacked hospital bags are extremely common. It’s important you don’t leave out any essentials and even more, you don’t overdo things. Did I forget anything for my hospital bag or what did you forget to pack in your hospital bag? Share with Bumpnmum if you have any top tips to add!

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