What are the Real Health Benefits of Honey?

Start a Day with Honey, a Power Bank of Antioxidants.

On my toast, in my tea, I am a big consumer of honey. Even on writing this post I am having a tea with a blend of lemon and honey. Why I start my day with honey not because it tastes good but also offers abundance health benefits. Honey can also be included in various power foods. I have collected few top Health Benefits of Honey in this post and I am sure after reading the detailing below you’ll clear out why it’s so important in our routine.




Health Benefits of Honey- Real Food for Life


1. Honey is a Brain Booster

Honey is a natural antioxidant, which improves blood circulation in our brain. Researchers have found that long-term use of honey can enhances memory of our brain; by using it individually or mixing in other power foods we can razor-sharp our memory.

2. Use to Lose Weight

In honey, there are more calories in comparison to sugar, if we consume honey with one glass of hot water; it will reduce the rigid fat from our body easily and in a much faster way. If we consume honey with lemon juice or cinnamon, whatever you choose, it also helps in cutting down the weight.

3. Moisturize your Skin, make your Hair Shiny

Honey is a  wonderful conditioner for our skin and hair. Simply make a perfect blend by mixing an equal portion of honey and olive oil and apply it on your hair. Honey will work as a moisturizer for your skin, by this your skin glow much more within few days.

4. Relieve  a Sore Throat

Honey is very beneficial for treating sore throat problems. When you are suffering from a sore throat, which often comes with a cold or a cough, honey is an ideal lubricant for the throat. Try to do gaggles regularly, for reducing pain in the throat easily.



Honey is a natural sweeter which now a day’s successfully reserve a major part of our diet.
Apart from all these health Benefits of Honey, it is one of the most healthy eatables during Pregnancy.

Is Honey Safe During Pregnancy?

Most of the pregnant women have confusion on Honey to have or don’t have.

Honey in Pregnancy is 100% safe.

It is safe for pregnant women and most of the doctors recommend to take Honey regularly during the pregnancy time. It can improve the health conditions of not only a pregnant woman but also the baby.

Honey is a superior example of the hot new trend that fitness experts are naming “healthy indulgence.”

Read on my next post to find out more about health benefits of honey to have problem free or healthy pregnancy.

What is your best Pregnancy Indulgence? Share with me in comments, I’d love to know.

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  1. I totally agree with this, honey is perfect for everyday living, it is very natural and has lots of good benefits in it.You can use it in such different ways. It’s really amazing… Thanks for sharing this wonderful tips.

  2. I hate the taste of honey (I only drink it with ginger tea when I’m sick) LOVE using it on my face! It makes such a great facial mask and lip exfoliator.

  3. Honey has great and much natural benefits. It’s a great moisturizer to say so and I’ve been using it for healing burns and blisters too sooth the pain too.

  4. Oh Honey, this is good. I love honey, I make sure i put it in my toast and milk. It does feel good eating my breakfast with honey. Don’t know where else I can put.

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