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Have you ever seen a teenager who is not so close to his/her family? The child may have been mentally/physically abused or felt neglected by the family during his or her childhood, etc. Though these kids turn out to be very responsible, they do carry a great load of pain in their hearts. It is the responsibility of parents, especially the mothers, to take care of their kids and to nurture their kids and help them come out of their pain. Want to develop a great bond while also educating your toddler? The Mother-Toddler Program is the best choice for a young mother who wishes to spend as much time to spend with their kids.

Mother – Toddler Program

The program is a unique concept that has gained worldwide popularity. The program is a new trend in education that will help a toddler to grasp things easily and it is a great concept that lets the infant learn things early in life.

The mother-toddler program is tailored for new moms trying to educate their kids and help them understand different things. More than a program, it can be called a whole-some experience that makes learning fun!

This is just not a program it is an experience for life for both mother and kid. The intention behind developing this program is to let the child into a community of its own, and let parents have a chance to learn about child development.

Preparing Mothers to become Parents

A kid learns his first words right from a mother’s womb- example? The Mahabharata folk where Abhimanyu learns about the Chakravyuh from Subadra.


Chakravyuha or Padmavyuha formation In Mahabharata

This story shows how important a mother’s connection with the child is! With proper care and bonding, a mother can shape up how a child grows up to be.

This sentiment is what encourages us to develop the perfect Mother-Toddler bond that helps in creating a fun-loving environment that also serves as a great learning experience for both kids as well as the mothers.

How does the Mother – Toddler program work?

During the program, mothers and kids get together and participate in age-appropriate activities that foster the great bond between the child and the parent. During the program, the kid is in the company of other kids from the same age group and this will help them in developing friendly bonds. As the kids get to spend a lot of time together with their mothers, they receive better love, guidance, and security.

The Mother – Toddler program also serves as a great learning experience for young mothers who get to learn the best practices that they should use when teaching their kids in a safe, nurturing environment. It acts as a platform for parents to create a lasting bond with their kids and develop parenting skills.

Benefits of the Mother – Toddler Program

The Mother – Toddler program is the best activity to foster that fosters positive parenting and serves as a great experience. “The program has helped me learn, even the slightest habits of my kid”, shares Ruchi, a young mother.  Another mother shares that her bonding with her toddler, who was otherwise very distant from her, improved a lot after the program. The positive results are because the program trains parents in maintaining strong relations while enjoying the child’s company.




Mother Toddler Activities in the Program

Mother-toddler programs may include numerous activities and some of the parent-toddler activities are stated below –

  • Puzzles According to the Child’s Age

  • Sorting Shapes

  • Art development (Singing, Dancing, etc)

  • Clay Modeling

  • Outdoor Games like Running, Gymnastics, etc.

  • Meditation and Yoga

  • Drama

  • Stacking Rings

  • Identifying Foods and Colors


Bumpnmum♥encourages through this post to every new mom and expectant mom to join this program for their child’s early development. There are plenty of Mother Toddler programs in Delhi/NCR and they will be described in my next post. So hooked here, to catch more on Parent-Toddler Program and if you know of more such places or want to suggest innovative ideas for activities for mother and toddler program, write to me at

Till then read the journey of this new momma here. 

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  1. Interesting t know about mother – toddler programs. Its so important to involved in creative development of kids right from toddlerhood. Excited to read next post.

  2. How fun to see photos of you with your little guy. He sure is sweet! I’m really impressed with the Mother-Toddler program because it looks like it offers such a wide variety of activities for you guys to do together. I really hope lots of moms and their children are able to take advantage of it. x

  3. Mother – Toddler program sound like a great activity program, i remember how it was like being a new mommy with little knowledge of what should i do with this new little kid, this help is so much needed

  4. I used to have my own mother-toddler program by joining activities in our neighborhood, but also by reading to my child, playing board games according to her age, visiting places etc. It’s very rewarding – on a short term and I believe also on a long term. Today we have the closest yet healthiest of relationships.

  5. This sounds like a great program. I will defnitely ask my wife to join this one. Meanwhile do you also have a dad-baby sort of of program. cause the bonding between kid and mom is natural but with dad it seems a bit trial and error sort of thing.

  6. Mother – Toddler program sounds like a great activity to develop and strengthen the bond between a kid with his/her mother. I have come across people who aren’t close to their parents and I agree with you, it is primarily a mother’s duty to nurture and teach their kids to come out of any unpleasant experience.


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