My 5 Days Trip to Bangkok After Being a Mom ❤

Being a Sagittarius I could better relate myself with a true traveler. My quest for adventure and traveling is endless. This free bird is very much comfortable on the road or agrees with my friends who call me Crazy Trip Maker. Since a few days back I was also on my new wonderful and thrilling journey and it’s a motherhood ride. Motherhood journey is a supreme journey and gives you a wonderful feeling that not even any adventures trip can give you. During and after my motherhood journey I avoid any long trip. It’s been a year I haven’t stepped out or haven’t made any tour plan.

A lady who is born to travel, who is crazy for travel how changed after becoming a mom.

No matter what’s journey it is now but gives me immense happiness. A few months back my friends called up me to make some travel plan. They sprinkle the water on the insensate seed that again starts feeling and dreaming the life of adventure and expansion.

Trip to Bangkok

I am a pure trip lover and if not a dozen but visited more than 8 countries till now. The cultures, traditions, foods, language all are so diverse and exceptional from each other that literally amazes me. At least once in a year I pack my bag and walk for the unknown and observing everything till the journey ends. But now my cute baby is with me on my journey. Finally, the plan is done with my friends and their kids and this time we have chosen the Bangkok for our new trip. The climate of Bangkok is unbearably hot all the time but we choose late November because this time weather becomes quite comfortable. November is not the time when you need to bring warm clothes. No, not at all. It’s a comfortable time to visit Bangkok especially when you have kids on your trip. During trip planning, I was scared to have kids on travel but after reading about Bangkok on the web, after talking about it with my friends and family I started to pack my bags.

Through this article, I am sharing my best 5 days experience of this year so that mommy like me who scared while traveling with kids can plan their next trip to Bangkok without any hustle. Bangkok trip would be your next holiday plan after reading my astonishing experience there. Like me, I know most of the people are not aware with that Bangkok is one of the most family-friendly cities.
It’s our five days trip, though it’s not tough to wrap up the temple and some famed attractions and sightseeing in one or two days I think to feel every tourist spot and to be acquainted with their culture in depth minimum 7 to 10 days are a must. Vacation days will always be less for the travelers especially when you’re in a place of delicious food. I am totally in love with Bangkok, deeply, madly, entirely because of the energy, vibrancy, culture and for everything. Culture, tradition, mouth watering foods, traditional clothes of Bangkok has everything for everyone.

Bangkok: A Place full of Joy, Peace, Modernization


Image Source: Lonely Planet

It’s my first time in Bangkok and also the first trip for my kid. You can assess my excitement.

Get a Direct Flight

We got a direct flight to Bangkok after searching best options from every possible source. Taking a direct flight is a better choice to save you from a long and exhausting journey. Once I reached there I was feeling like a Thai language expert after learning some Thai words from the natives while heading towards the hotel. Still remember “sawadee krub, sawadee ka, kkop khun krub, kkop khun kah”.

Internet & Phone:

The Internet has made our life easier and travels much comfier. We got the freedom to visit wherever we want by the Internet. In love with the Google map, no hurdles while traveling.

I highly recommend you to buy a SIM immediately after reaching there and don’t forget to access all the necessary internet offers. On the front of internet and connectivity, you may get help from the hotel authority. I hired a SIM for 7 days costing 10 USD. You can get the SIM card near the airport too but you require showing your passport to buy one. Keep your regular SIM card safely with you.

Day 1: Grand Palace in Bangkok

Although not very much tired during our journey or because of the comfortable flight we got enough time to do relax with our kids. Morning of day 1 was super refreshed even kids were so happy. A bright and cool morning was the best weather to start our day 1 journey. A climate was also doing a favor for us.

Everyone visits the Grand Palace in Bangkok whether they are new or repeat visitors. So our first attraction was the Grand Palace. We took the taxi all the way from our hotel. Don’t take a taxi if the driver refuses to turn on the meter.
As we entered the Palace was totally packed by travel makers. It’s the finest spot to give a real introduction to Thai history and life for our kids. It was such a beautiful creation even the crowd couldn’t stop us from going there. Though crowd sometimes annoyed the kids, they handled the crowd nicely as most of the Thai people cuddled them, played with them.

Grand-Palace, Bangkok
My kid is very good in crowd struggling, one thing which I have observed first time about my little baby. He was enjoying the bright colors and outdoor space of the palace with his supplies.

The Royal Grand_palace_Bumpnmum


ImageSource: Destination360
So many camera shots by me as the beauty of the Palace amazes and takes my breath away every time. Before stepping there have a look on your dress code. Men or woman both must be modestly dressed. No bare feet, no bare shoulders. I must say it’s a city’s most famous landmark and make your visit to Bankong complete. Our first must see was successfully completed with the kids.
Alpaca View was our next evening plan out of day1. We took the MRT to Lad Phrao Station then hired a taxi to our next family-friendly spot.

Alpaca View_Bangkok_Bumpnmum
After reaching their every way we turned out there is something fun filled for our kids. Alpaca View was a one stop of zoo, farm, and restaurant.

Alpaca View_Bangkok_Bumpnmum
Main attractions of this place were the animals. Sheep, donkeys, goats, ducks, rabbits, and piglets were enough to fascinate our kids. After enjoying and feeding the animals we munched the Thai food in the restaurant. Fun filled the evening with our kids how the day 1 was ended there.


Day2: Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok

Our things to do for the day 2 were just one or two places as roaming around with the kids were too taxing. Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok is well famous so our next spot was the Thai cooking school. I was super excited while going there as I am a big fan of Thai food, and wanted to learn some good tips and food recipes.

 Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok_Bumpnmum

Thai Cooking Class_Bangkok_Bumpnmum
Our class was little long, it went almost 5 hours (From 9 AM to 2 PM) but the instructor was very polite and made everything extremely enjoyable, so it wasn’t hard spending those hours. After the first 45 minutes introduction, they took us to a grocery market, 5 minutes far from there and we learned about different Thai ingredients & spices and many opportunities to mix, chop and stir up delicious dishes like chicken curry, cashew chicken, and Thai fruit salad. After learning and cooking some particular Thai dishes class was ended by eating the dishes we made. In spite of providing so many amazing facilities that class was only 30 USD, which I felt was an absolute a good deal for such a fun experience.


Must say the Sompong cooking class was a great fun including market tour and explore. Cooking and food tour not only gives you a chance to learn something mouth watering but also a fun way to introduce a new culture and traditions to the kids.
Popular Chatuchak Weekend Market was our evening plan out of day 2. We got the subway (MRT) to Chatuchak Park station and took the exit from gate no.1. After walking straight, there was a tiny entrance to get into the marketplace. It was the reaching point from where the clothing section start. Here you need to beware of pickpockets.

Chatuchak Weekend Market_Bangkok_Bumpnmum
I came here only with a rough idea of what to shop but it had so much to shop for Clothing & Accessories, Handicrafts, Home Decoration, Art and Gallery to Antiques and Collectibles and much more. I don’t remember if I have ever witnessed such a huge market. What wasn’t there! I bought 1 denim jacket, 2 bags, 2 shrugs, baby jumpsuits and some baby accessories for my kid.

We bought iced coffee & virgin mojito and walked all over the market. Here & there, Here & there. While shopping we had some amazing foods like rice balls, ice cream, water melons, sea food. One main thing about Chatuchak, accept the heat. It gonna be hard shopping in that heat so keep drinks in your hand.

I brought plenty of things and feeling so happy with the exciting new finds. This market place is perfect for those who have good negotiation skill. The shopping experience at Chatuchak was an enjoyable one. After so much exhaustion, we headed toward our hotel after joyful and cheap shopping at Chatuchak, with some amazing drinks & papaya salad in the hotel we had finished our Day 2.

Day 3: Floating Market 

Shopping was not completed so the day 3 was started with new market research. We booked Uber to the Khlong Lat Mayom floating market; we decided to go there after reading about it in a hotel magazine. Honestly saying I only saw hand countable boat hawkers at the market, so don’t keep much expectation on it, it was less a real “floating market” & more like a land market surrounded by canals. But if you are a true or big foodie, this market is for you. So many varieties, flavors, mouth watering smell. From traditional to western you will find here everything to satisfy your tongue and tummy. I tasted the salt-crusted grilled fish in a stall and it was amazingly tasty I must say it was my favorite meal of the trips. After that, we planned for a boat ride which took 100-baht and it was really fun.


Our 1-hour boat ride highlighted two or three temples, including one at a Buddhist sanctuary and another at an orchid cultivate. The most intriguing part was observing all the homes that outlined the waterways and individuals simply approaching their ordinary business. Next, we bought the tickets to a Muay Thai event at Rajadamnern Stadium. We obtained “Menial” tickets for around 1,500 baht, each, making this our most costly action of our excursion.

Day 4: Thai Spa and Massage

We were badly tired after our three-day journey. Even kids were not in a favor of outing. On day 4 we have decided to pamper our body with Thai spa and massage. We choose to have it in-room. I would not say it to an ultimate experience but it was pretty good. It relaxed my body and I felt my back, shoulder, neck hundred times better working.

After huge rest, we reached at Snow Town Bangkok at Gateway Ekkamai shopping mall. This shopping mall has a collection of restaurants; 24-hour supermarket and a few clothing stores and this themed snow village have delicious Japanese restaurants, shops, and a playground. Children enjoyed fresh snow and climb up and slide down on the forming little mounds. It’s a perfect place for children and one can expect lots of laughter. After paying the entrance fees, lots of enjoyment we had some meals in ‘yaki-niku’ barbeque.

Day 5: Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Almost end of our trip.

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World was another and the last and best things to do in Bangkok with family. This giant aquarium, the size of 3 Olympic swimming pools is the most famous and one of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia. Astonishing panoramic view of 30,000 marine and freshwater species swimming in their uniquely customized tanks can give you perfect time with your kids.

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World
It’s a bit pricey, but the exquisiteness and electrifying experience of the aquarium will attract you again after a visit to Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World.

Bangkok is a great place to visit with kids and I only understand it after having my amazing experience in Bangkok. Our kids can easily adjust in Thai’s culture as Thai’s are great with kids. From Thai people to the transport, Bangkok offers family friendly atmosphere to everyone. So it’s my so called first journey with my little bundle of joy. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading! ❤
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