Top Natural Ways To Find Out Your Unborn Baby Gender

Whether it’s a first time or second time or whether it’s meticulously planned or happened by surprise, the feeling of pregnancy is just wordless. Pregnancy too has two sides-one is a beautiful blessing and other is kicks!! Have you still remembered the feeling and experience of your first kick? Even I was so excited for that first kick during my pregnancy cycle.

This magical, painful, joyful, heart-wrenching, confusing time becomes a marvelous experience that resonates with you lifelong.

“Life is great enough with a having someone kick you from the inside.”-Bumpnmum

Plenty of questions and curiosity you might have during your pregnancy and one of the most exciting things to find out your unborn baby gender.

To choose the color scheme for your toddler’s wardrobe, to collect cute gender reveal ideas or to throw a baby shower party and above all, we couldn’t wait for nine months to find out whether we’re having boy or girl.

How Many Weeks Do I Find Out Is My Baby A Boy Or Girl?

Many parents opt to wait till nine months and others choose to find out as soon as possible. Between 60-70% of mama to now find out the sex of their baby before birth. Ultrasounds conducted in the between of 18 and 26 weeks(about four and a half to five months)  which is the most accurate way to find out whether we’re having a little princess or a little prince. Most patients undergo an ultrasound and believe me its breathtaking and touching moments to seeing your baby on the screen. It is the aptest way to found out baby gender that rarely goes wrong.

Apart from this scientific and highly accurate method we also have some old wives tale on pregnancy predictor. Some of already mothers shared that they can tell the baby gender by the heart rate and by the way you carrying a bump. However, there is no documented proof that these tests are accurate.

These baby gender calculator with good success rates to find out if that bun in the oven is a sweet little girl or a bouncing baby boy are really worth to try. Before doctor tells, check out these interesting and funny ways of guessing the gender of your unborn child.

Top Twenty Natural and Funny Unborn Baby Gender Tests


1. Position and Shape of your Bump

The little prince is on the way if you have the low bump and buy pretty pink shoes if you have a higher bump. If you’re carrying a round, ball-like baby bump means you’re having a baby boy and if you have a wider bump it’s a girl.


2. Chinese Birth Calendar

Chinese birth calendar is one of the time-honored and successful ways to reveal he or her without examines the belly. What you need to use the Chinese gender calendar:-

  • The month of conception.
  • Your age at conception time.
  • Now check the Predict Baby’s Gender and start stocking up on Pink or Blue.

It was right for me and like me, various expectant have had huge success with this. Check out yours and let us know does it work for you. It’s also a great tool for parents who are leaning on a preferred gender.

Do you believe in Chinese birth calendar? Have you ever tried this gender prediction method? During my pregnancy I didn't come across with these natural and fun baby gender calculator. Now if I am calculating, it was right in my case. How you can use it? 💕What you need to know the month of conception, your age at conception time. That's it now you are ready to check "he" or "she".😘💜 I really enjoyed and if you are also moms to be then have a look at this birth calendar to find out whether it's a baby boy or little princess on the cards. Share with me what's your opinion on it. #fungame #chinese #quiz #chinesebirthcalendar #heorshe #boyorgirl #babygenderreveal #babygender #babygendertest #pinkorblue #bumpnmum #momstobe #expectantmom #motherhoodthroughinstagram #pregnant #pregnancytime #pregnantmom #pregnancy #igmom #Momblogger #mom #momblog #happypregnant

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3. Heartbeat Rate of Baby

To predict the gender of the baby, baby’s heartbeat rate is also fun way. It is said that a baby with a heartbeat under 140 beats a minute is a boy and a baby with 140 or over beats a minute is a girl. But there is no success story and scientific evidence I got to know of this baby gender calculator.

4. Wedding Ring Test

In this baby gender quiz, you need a wedding ring and tie it on a string. Lie on your back and hold the dangling ring over the bump. If the ring swings back and forth like a pendulum, it’s a girl. If it swings in a circle, you are carrying a boy.

5. Drano Test

Time to pee testing! Pee on a small cup and add a tablespoon of Drano. If it changes to green color, it’s a girl. If the color of pee changes to blue, start stocking blue color.

6. The bi-carb Soda Test

Again Pee testing! Pee in a cup, add a tablespoon of bi-carb soda to it. If it starts to frizz, congratulations for your little prince and if there is no frizz, the little princess is on the way.

7. Cabbage Test

More Pee! Boil red cabbage and store the water. Next time you go to pee, add this water with your urine. If it changes into pink, its girl and if it changes in purple, it’s a boy.

8. Weight Gain

If you have gained overall weight during pregnancy, then it is said to be a girl; and if your belly alone is seen growing, then it’s a baby boy! I have tried it and it was correct.

9. Foot Size Doubles

I also experienced it and this boy or girl predictor was correct in my case. My feet size was changed. It was double the actual size and I got a baby boy. if you get no changes, then it’s a girl.

 10. Acne

Acne can be the great pregnancy symptoms of a baby girl as its old saying that the nasty zits appear because baby girls steal their mother’s beauty. Click here for more early pregnancy signs and symptoms.

11. Dream Reversal

Old wives say that if you dream about having a boy, you will have a girl and vice versa. It was not correct in my case because the dream of my pregnancy was a little boy and it’s a boy.

12. Breast Changes

If your left breast looks larger than the right, it’s a sign of the baby boy. A larger right breast means a little Princesses is on the cards.

13. Face Glow

I truly believe in this method to check ‘he’ or ‘she’. I got lovely pregnancy glow and according to the nannies, it’s a sign of the baby boy.

14. Hair Texture

It is most common tests but I was not aware during my pregnancy time. It is said if your hair texture gets coarse and thick, then you’re having a boy; and if your body hair gets thin and you also experiences extreme hair fall, then it is a baby girl.

15. Headache Factor

If you get headaches at short intervals, it is said you’re carrying a baby boy. And if you do not experience any such discomfort, then she is said to be carrying a little Miss.

16. Food Craving

Your food cravings during pregnancy could also determine your unborn baby’s gender.

When you prefer sweet and sugary foods during pregnancy, it reveals that you’re carrying a baby girl; and if the would-be mom craves for salty and savory foods, she is said to be carrying a baby boy!

You might have some food cravings during your pregnancy. Potatoes, chips, ice creams, chocolates, salty, spicy …. 🍦🍡🍟🍔🍫🍰🍼🍭🍕🍣🍔 These sugary and spicy food cravings have some great meanings. If you have salty food cravings means a boy is on the way.👶 . If you want something sweet means you're having a girl.👰 . Spicy fried potatoes was my favorite food cravings. What's your food cravings during the pregnancy cycle? . . #bumpnmum #baby #instababy #igmom #pregnant #pregnancy #momstobe #expectantmom #wearepregnant #thisisbirth #babyborn #heorshewhatwillitbe #boyorgirl #babygender #babygendertest #oldwivestale #foodiemom #foodcravings #sugar #salt #mom #moms #motherhoodthroughinstagram

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17. Morning Sickness

Little or no nausea and morning sickness indicated a blue bundle of joy and if you’re having a constant upset stomach and horrible morning sickness, it’s a girl.

18. Kicks

If you feel the kicks higher up in your ribs, it is a little princess on the cards. While kicks felt lower in the abdomen point out that it’s a boy.

19. Nose Size

When you feel your nose is growing bigger or “spreading”, it’s a boy. When you don’t feel like this, there is a girl.

20. Even or Odd

Add the mother’s age (completed) at the time of conception, the month when the mother is born and the month of conception. If the resulting number is even it is a girl.

Example: Mother’s age – 25; mother’s month of birth – October (10); month of conception – June (06). The mathematical calculation is: 25 + 10 + 06 => 2+5+1+0+0+6 = 14. A result is an even number – hence, it will be a girl. If the result is an odd number, a little boy is on the way!

New post is up to find out unborn baby gender through natural ways. (Link in bio) .👣 This post is based on multiple articles read on the internet. There is no foolproof of these baby gender calculators. .👣 Read out and tell me if you have tried any of these old wives on gender prediction. .👣 Also share with me if you know any new baby gender prediction methods. .👣 However it doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl. Your baby is blessing 👶👰🍼🍔🍣💕🍶 just enjoy your every moments of motherhood 💜💕👣 👣 👣 #happypregnancy #pregnant #pregnancy #bumpnmum #mom #moms #Newmom #momsoninstagram #heorshe #heorshewhatwillitbe #boyorgirl #babygendertest#baby #oldwivestale #motherhoodthroughinstagram

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To find out the Baby Gender is really interesting and fun!

These funny boy or girl predictor tests are not proven to be foolproof.  Please consult a doctor regarding your baby’s gender before you start stocking based on these pregnancy symptoms.

Have you tried any of these unborn baby gender tests or prediction methods? Were they accurate? Do you know any new and funny baby gender determination old wives’ tales?


This post is based on multiple articles read on the internet. There is no foolproof of these baby gender predictors. Your baby is a blessing and the post is intended to add the fun element only, not to be substituted for professional medical advice. Happy Pregnancy*

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  1. THis is such a fun topic! I remember people guessing when I was pregnant using some of these tails. I can’t remember if they were right or not but it was fun watching them guess. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Chinese Birth Calendar is really cool way to find gender of baby! Also the heartbeat rate and wedding ring test, I would love to try when I’m pregnant! Cabbage testing is really interesting!

  3. People have wondered for eons about the gender of their babies before giving birth so before there were medical tests to answer this question different cultures came up with different rituals. I understand the curiosity but to me more emphasis should be places on a healthy pregnancy and delivery no matter the gender of the child.

  4. Isn’t it crazy just how accurate old wive’s tales can be? My grandma always swore by the how a woman carries her bump and predicted both of my pregnancies perfectly. I’m really curious about the others. Especially the dream reversal and overall glow. Fun post! x

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  7. This sounds like such fun way to find out an unborn baby’s gender. i didn’t even know there were other ways to find a baby’s gender other than ultrasound. I am sure this post will be helpful for many.

  8. You know, my mom use to talk about knowing the gender based on position of the stomach and I thought that was just an old fable. I had no idea there were so many other ways to naturally know the gender of a child. Thank you for this education!

  9. Those are some crazy ways to tell. Although I would have to say that the boy/girl based on weight gain would have failed for us as she gained no weight and it was a girl. I am curious about that Drano test even if it sounds dangerous.


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