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Breastfeed is an excellent choice for every infant and also transmit less possibility to spread the infection to babies. Bottle feed is a next good baby feeding choice which helps you reach your breastfeeding goals. Bottle feeding is quite different than natural feed or breastfeed. So it is very important to follow all the safety measures while we give bottle feed to baby to protect her from any disease or infection. This post has wrapped up all the essentials associated with this artificial or bottle-feed. In addition to it, post majorly concentrate on best baby bottles brands.

Buying baby products is a brainy thing and even more when it’s a baby feeding bottle.

The first common thing which comes to every mom’s mind which bottle would be best. The market has plenty of amazing choices. Choosing best for their baby is the main goal of every parent.

Two things you should keep in your mind while Purchasing Baby Bottles:-
  • Anti-Colic: Before buying make sure one thing that whatever bottle you purchase it should be anti-colic. Colic is the common and biggest issue in lots of babies. The colic trouble seems less active in breastfeeding babies. Due to the bottle nipple, babies swallow more air which causes cramp in their stomach.   So ant-colic is the main factor which you must notice while buying baby bottles. Whatever brands you like or trust, a baby bottle must have an anti-colic agent.
  • BPA-Free: Next very important thing you should consider when buying baby bottle-BPA. Check out the bottle whether it’s a BPA free or not.


Baby Bottle Choices: Plastic, Glass, Stainless Steel

Plastic and glass are the two basic and highly used baby feeding options we have. Plastic bottles are not safest choice for a baby. However these days plastic bottles are made toxic free but still, it’s difficult to tell you how harmless a plastic bottle can be. Most parents pick plastic bottles due to fewer cleanness efforts.

After plastic bottles, glass feeding bottles are quite famous for parents especially in new parents. Glass bottles are far better than plastic bottles in many ways. However, glass bottles also have some downsides. They are noticeably heavy. You have to be extra careful with glass bottles. Despite these downsides, it is getting lots of positive feedback from parents as glass baby bottle contain no harmful chemicals.

Stainless still is the latest baby feeding bottles option. I got to know about this when I need to purchase new feeding bottle for my son. Stainless still bottles are quite expensive as compared with other choices. However, it is an advanced and healthier pick on the front of baby health.  Unluckily the supply of these bottles in India is quite low..

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Babies Have Preferences, Too

The market has plentiful baby feeding options with advanced designing which eases the transition between breast and bottle, and back. It doesn’t matter which brand or which bottle we should pick, what matter most is the baby choices. No one baby bottle will meet the needs and preferences of all babies. Each baby is different and if specific feeding set goes well with one baby does not mean would be a good choice for another baby.

Best Baby Feeding Bottle Brands in India.

Philips Avent

Go for this BPA free bottle without a second thought! I’ve probably tried every baby feeding set and this one is one of the best. Made of soft material, the wide breast shaped nipple is comfortable and correct for baby to latch.  When your infant is all set for a sippy cup, the brand also makes sippy spouts for these bottles, so they can be used much longer than some other baby bottles. It is the most reliable choice across the globe.

plusSimple to use

plusEasy to clean and fill

plusAvailable in 2-ounce, 4-ounce, 9-ounce, 11-ounce

plusUnique Petals for a soft, flexible nipple without collapse

plusAn advanced anti-colic system with innovative twin valve

plusErgonomic shape for maximum comfort

plusConvenient for Pumping Breast Milk

Mee Mee Milk Safe Feeding

Mee Mee feeding set is quite popular in parents with better feeding experience.

plusInnovative Pro-Flo Technology

plusBite resistant and Tear Resistant Teat

plusInternationally approved for highest quality

plusAVS or Air Ventilation System ensures there’s minimum air intake when the baby is being fed from the bottle

plusMaintains vitamins of feeds

Pigeon Peristaltic Nursing

plusBPA and BPS free

plusSlim neck

plusMedium size Silicone nipple

plusAVS Technology

plusStress-free drinking

ReeBaby True Anti-Colic Glass Bottle 

plusBPA Free, Latex Free

plusEasy to clean

plusNo leakage problem

plusPatented air venting mechanism

plusMade from strong, double-layered borosilicate glass

plusIncludes a protective plastic case

Chicco Wellbeing

The brand is also a BPA free and responds to latest parenting demands

plusMade from polypropylene


plusIt comes with the medium flow teat

Dr. Morepen PC-01 Spill Proof

This pretty and soft baby feeding bottle is available in three colors: Parrot Green, Pink, and Sunset on Amazon.

plusWith Liquid Silicone Nipple

plusSpill and Leakage Proof design

plusEasy to clean

plusNon-toxic and safe to use

Camera Glass

Parents, who aspire for glass bottles, can choose this option. This glass bottle with plastic tip is quite soft to suck and comfortable to hold for the infant.

plusHI-Heat Resistant

plusInternational Glass Material reduces infection possibilities

plusBPA Free

plusSilicone nipple

plusPre-measured quantity Mark

plusConvenient to carry

Farlin 300CC Wide Neck

Made of soft material this bottle has a wide neck feeding structure which makes cleaning so easy.

plusAnti-Colic, Silicone Nipple


plusSterilize-able with 180°C.

plusFree from deformation after being boiled up to 125c

Latch BPA-Free

The Munchkin LATCH Bottle is another durable and BPA free product which also gives better latch experience to the baby. Like other famous brands, this one also carries a feature to reduce the risk of colic.

plusEasy to clean and carry

plusCarry an adapter for direct pumping


 Fisher Price has safest baby feeding sets. Regular neck bottles of the brand are designed so well which reduces colic and discomfort in babies.

plus100 % BPA free!

plusSuitable to feed babies with breast milk, formula feed, juices and water

plusEasy to clean and carry


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Things to consider when Switching from Breastfeed to Bottle-Feed




   You should change feeding bottle in every six months regardless of the condition of the bottle and the brand of the bottle. It is very good healthier tip by pediatricians to replace the bottle within every six months or at least after every six months.

   A nipple is the main factor which injects infections into the baby. Make sure nipple is well cleaned because it gets straight into baby’s mouth. Apart from cleanness, quality of nipple is also a main consideration. If nipple has any crack, just throw it away.

    Change bottle and nipple in every three months if you use a sterilizer.

   If you are in the same traditional way to clean the bottle then change it in every two months.

   Nipples have different measurement: Most people are not aware of the thing that nipples are made with specific measurements. Size of the nipple for one-month-old baby and for ten months old baby is slightly different. Due to the improper size of nipple baby inhale more air which increases more health issues in babies. Ensure you pick correct nipple for your baby.

   Should I need to clean baby bottle after every feed? Yes! Like we do dishes after every meal, baby feeding set also require same cleanness.

   Testing before feeding: Temperature is also an important thing which you should concern. Sprinkle few drops of milk over your wrist, if it is fine then give to your baby.

   While feeding a baby, make sure a baby is an upright position. A 30-degree angle is the appropriate bottle-feeding position.

   Burp your infant throughout the feeding.

  It is also highly recommended to test the bottle flow. It should not have any blockage and overflow.

   Initially, a breastfed baby resists taking bottle feed. Keep trying till baby adapted with this new crossing. The night is a good time to introduce bottle feed if she is on breastfeed.

   How well you clean the bottle, defines the health of your baby. Each part of baby feeding set should be cleaned properly and separately.


My Favorite Bottle

I have used Philips Event Bottles and Dr. Brown Baby Bottles for little k and completely satisfied with these baby bottle brands. You should buy baby feeding bottles totally as per your convenience. Comment your favorite baby bottle and how long you have used it or using it!

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