Top 5 best techniques to get homemade and natural beauty tips

Beauty is the desire of everyone and that can be seen in both man and woman. Even my four-year-old nephew wants to be looking smart all the time. Now everyone is concerned about their beauty and look. But because of tiring schedule, fast food habits, ignorance, contaminated environment, extreme exposure to dust, the sun and water skin affected a lot and does not get that much care which results in dead, dry, cracked skin, dark complexion, and more. Skin exfoliation, plenty of water, good sleep, sun block and stress less life are five basic and essential rules for glowing skin which we usually overlook.

Our skin requires a bit of pampering, care and some easy and quick natural beauty tips and tricks and for that, we don’t need to look outside, beauty salons or any expensive beauty services. Our kitchen stores amazing beauty packs which offer maximum and healthy results with zero side effects. So start your beauty journey with me. I am not a beauty connoisseur, I am not a skin specialist but I know my skin. I know my skin does not need any expensive beauty regime, in fact, some natural and homemade tips are more than enough for me. Like me, my skin also prefers homemade and natural care. I am sharing very simple, fast and amazing beauty tips for hands and feet with homemade techniques.

Natural Beauty Tips For Every Skin


Lemon plays a vital role in beautification. It’s my favorite hand whitening tips given by my granny.

beauty tips for hands

Lemon such a tiny yellow fruit enriched with fruity acids and natural sugars ranges a variety of uses. How it doubles your tastes when added into recipes, how perfectly it plays cleaning agent role and how amazingly it turns your dull dark skin into radiant when used as beauty agent.

Mix lemon and honey and apply this paste on your hands and feet and scrub with soft hands in circular motions. After 10-15 minutes wash your hands and feet and apply moisturizer as lemon can dry out your skin. Repeat this process for 15- 20 days and see the difference. Avoid the sun while you’re applying this paste on the skin as lemon might cause a phototoxic reaction. Lemon has bleaching effects which help in improving skin tone and getting rid of the dark spots and dead skin cells.

beauty tips for hands

Another way to get pretty hands is mix lemon with turmeric, gram flour, and milk. Apply this paste on your hands and feet and scrub for 5-6 minutes and leave it to dry. Rinse your hands and feet with cool water. You can apply this paste daily. It does not only improve your skin tone but also remove dark patches on the skin. You can also use lemon for face pack which you can read in next post.

Pretty hands


Sugar also caters various uses from kitchen to beauty tips for hands and feet. Make a paste of sugar and honey and scrub it on your legs and hands. You can use this twice in a week. Sugar will give your skin a crystal clear tone and honey will add smoothing effect. Trust me you’ll love your skin after using it.

You can also use sugar to make your lips soft, glossy and rose-pink. Mix sugar and olive oil and scrub your lips and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

Homemade beauty tips

Another natural and effective hand care tips of sugar with lemon. Take a mixture of 2 spoons of sugar and 2 spoons of lemon and rub your legs and hands with it tenderly. After 15- 20 minutes rinse it with water. To get fast results repeat this natural beauty tips three times in a week.


Tomato is also a superior depository of natural skin lightening properties. It also caters various uses apart from adding taste into recipes. The best thing about tomato is that it’s best for all skin type. So use it with milk, honey, lemon, gram flour etc. as per your choice and requirement.

Hand care tips at home

And you can also use it without mixing anything. Simply blend some tomatoes and make a fine paste of it and apply all over your legs and arms. Rub gently and allow them to dry for 10-15 minutes. Repeat this homemade beauty tips process on daily basis to get instant results.

A combo of lemon and tomato contains natural bleaching properties which are perfect for removing uneven skin tone. Make a combination of two spoons of lemon and four spoons of tomato juice. Apply this mixture all over the affected skin and rub gently with fingertips for few minutes. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and after that rinse off with cool water. And now experience the instant glow and softness over your skin which not even manicure pedicure can give you.

Another way to get beautiful skin adds tomato juice with honey. Follow the same procedure apply mixture over tanned skin followed by scrubbing for few minutes. Repeat this process according to your skin health and tone.


If we add tomato juice with sandalwood powder and lemon juice it will turn into great skin whitening pack for dark hands and legs. Make a fine paste by mixing all these and apply it to your skin. Use this paste at least three times in a week for better results.


Yogurt also plays a good role when you are looking for natural remedies to get beautiful hands and feet. Make a combo of yogurt, gram flour, and honey with little rose water. Apply it all over your skin and let them dry. Rinse off with cool water to see the results.  It’s one of the best tips to get a smooth, flawless and bright skin.

Aloe Vera

If you put aloe Vera in your beauty regime than I am fully sure you will never get any dull, dry, pigmentation marks, dark spots and uneven skin tone issue in your life. I suggest you use aloe Vera on daily basis to get radiant results. Spread aloe Vera gel all over your skin and rub gently with fingertips. Wash with water after waiting for some time. It will give you fair and glowing results.


Trust me these homemade fairness natural beauty tips are much effective than your expensive salon fairness beauty services. It’s a time to farewell to a dull, dry and dead skin.


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