Top 10 early pregnancy signs and symptoms

Feeling tired, mood dangle, swollen body, more frequent trips to the bathroom and the reason behind it is that you might be pregnant. These signs are not enough to determine whether you’re pregnant or not. As symptoms of pregnancy are different from woman to woman as each woman is different and so are her symptoms and signs.

Here I’m sharing few common pregnancy symptoms from the moment you conceive and before you missed a period. Like me, I know all curious women want to know the early signs of pregnancy.

In my case I don’t remember any early pregnancy signs but what I got to notice that my face was glowing radiantly. You can’t curse hormonal changes every time, it also gives some beautiful changes. Firstly I thought it’s my basic CTM technique (Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizer) that giving me beautiful glowing tone. I never thought that my glow was growing inside me that shown on my face. Pregnancy is such a wonderful time, enjoy it with this post.


Swollen Breasts and Sore Nipples
I will count breast changes as very first signs of pregnancy and almost all women experience it. Swollen, bulky and fill out breasts and itchy and darker nipples are the common symptoms you can experience due to the release of pregnancy hormones and you can experience these symptoms after the first week of pregnancy. Don’t get down with hurting boobs as the soreness of breast you feel in the first trimester will improve as your pregnancy progress.

Fatigue is one of the most common early signs of pregnancy as soon as you conceive but it also varies from women to women as each pregnancy is different. Although it’s not only early sign as it will last till your third trimester as your body is going to hold up more weight. There are lots of factors which are responsible for fatigue and tiredness such as progesterone, a hormone that put into sickness, tiredness, low blood pressure and an increase in blood production etc. The best ways to relieve from this take rest as well as iron and protein rich food.



Mood Swings
This is what I felt most throughout my pregnancy especially in the first trimester. My mood was always out of control with Huge emotions, weepy feeling but I knew I am not alone who is facing this discomfort. It’s the very common and one of the symptoms of early pregnancy experienced by lots of expectant mom. There are plenty of reason which is responsible for mood swings and also plenty of ways to cope up. Anxiety, anemia, any depression, and mental health problems, rapid changes of hormones are main contributors in mood swings.  Talk to your partner; see your doctor, good sleep, start meditation, yoga, exercise and healthy and frequent meal are good techniques for reducing mood swings.



Feeling cramping, no worry. It’s normal and common early pregnancy symptom
Minor cramps in your feet, thighs or legs with little bleeding are just a normal early pregnancy sign but also very painful, disturbing sometimes.  Early cramps are quite similar to your period’s cramps except that pregnancy cramps will remain for a long time. After conceiving uterus changes its shape and expands to get more space to accommodate the growing baby and the muscles and ligaments which support the uterus are also stretched which causes pain, feeling of heaviness and discomfort. It will increase with time as your uterus continues to grow but don’t get sad with stretching as it’s also a sign of growing.




Nausea (Morning Sickness)
Although we call it morning sickness but it can occur at any time of day and night during pregnancy. There is no scientific reason of nausea but hormones changes could be one of them and it’ll remain throughout pregnancy. Morning sickness experience is also different in each case some woman start experiencing it in six weeks after conception, some woman start after two weeks, some woman feel queasiness and vomit frequently and some feel queasy but never vomit like me. I feel nausea without vomiting during my first pregnancy.


Missed period
Shared above are the symptoms of early pregnancy that can be seen before you miss your periods. It is the most consistent and best way to get known about pregnancy but to get sure goes for a pregnancy test and it becomes necessary if you have an irregular menstrual cycle.


It’s very rare when I feel constipated but in my pregnancy, I suffered a lot with constipation. Still, I could not able to find out the exact reason as I drink plenty of water. It’s the hormonal changes and intake of iron which causes constipation problem added by my gynecologist.  Heaps of fiber-filled foods, plenty of water, break large meal into five or six smaller meals, regular physical activity (before start check out with your doctor) are best ways to get rid of this problem.




Food Aversions
Truly saying I never had any single food aversion in my pregnancy. I enjoyed eating a lot and never found any dislike for any food. But 60 to 70 percent woman experience food cravings and taste aversions. According to experts, there is no scientific explanation for food cravings.

Food aversions can occur in the first trimester and can continue or lessen to the next trimester. Taste aversions are very common and one of best signs of being pregnant and its fine, if you have or haven’t. But keep in mind it should not lessen your nutrients as it will affect baby growth. Make sure you’re having those nutrients in other ways.




Frequent Urination
It also counts early pregnancy symptom that starts in the first trimester, lessens in the second trimester and again your bathroom trips going to increase in the third trimester. It will gradually improve as your pregnancy progresses so don’t cut your fluids intake because if you get dehydrated not even your baby but also your health get suffered and it can also generate urinary tract infection. The reason for your endless loop to the loo is growing uterus that increases pressure on your bladder and the HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone that stimulates your kidneys to expand and leads to frequent urination.


Nose Bleeding
There is no part of your body that does not affect in pregnancy. Because your body in pregnancy becomes more tender more sensitive. That’s why you need more care and more love. I also did suffer from nose bleeding in my pregnancy. Why it occurs because the flow of blood inside the nose is increased that leads more pressure on blood vessels on a nose that causing them to break more easily.
Most of the women experience it as an early sign of pregnancy.



  1. I knew about nausea and how some women glow when they are pregnant (I like the beautiful glow part haha) but I didn’t know about constipation and nose bleeding for some. Great info. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It’s important that you look out for these signs especially since you don’t want to do something that can cause danger to your pregnancy. I think it’s nice that you’re sharing these so women are informed.

  3. Such a great information, I identified it via nausea in the morning and changes in breasts! great help for to be mama’s, to know what changes can they expect if they have conceived.

  4. I remember the first sign that my ex-wife was pregnant. She was starting to talk about how things were sensitive and things were going on. I had read about the sensitivity so i suggested she might be so she ran to the nearest store to get a pregnancy test and she found out she was. As far as the food cravings, her biggest craving during that time was milk. It is not that she didn’t like milk before but she seemed to need it then.

  5. This is a very informative post. I knew most of the symptoms but I never thought that nose bleed would be a sign of a pregnancy.

  6. A wonderful, informative post. I can’t wait until it’s my turn. My Mother suffered with horrible morning sickness so I’m hoping that I’m not the same!

    Ami xxx

  7. Pregnancy is difficult, that’s why every Moms’ deserves a lot of help and pampering during and even after birth.

  8. This is a wonderful article. I am not a mom but one if my friend is pregnant. I am going share this article with her. It’s very important that you look out for these signs and monitor changes that happen in your body so you don’t cause any danger to your pregnancy

  9. That’s a really informative post. I wish I’d read it before my first pregnancy! I had no idea when I first got pregnant. The tiredness is nothing like I’d ever experienced. It’s so overwhelming, isn’t it?


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