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Travel during pregnancy can be stressful but it doesn’t always have to be. Whether you’re planning a relaxing babymoon at a foreign destination, have a critical work trip coming up or just need to take a flight to your hometown, make it a point to keep health & comfort as a top priority while on the go! But if you’re experiencing a healthy pregnancy, air travel during pregnancy is likely to be safe.

This guide is dedicated to air travel during pregnancy; we’ll shed light on several important aspects. Read on.

A Pregnant Woman Can Travel in Flight, Okay, But When?

air travel during pregnancy

First trimester of pregnancy isn’t the recommended time for flight travel for pregnant ladies. The duration between the second trimester is believed to be the best time for air travel during pregnancy (14-27 weeks). At this stage, morning sickness isn’t around. In later stages, expanded belly can make airport and in-flight maneuvers more difficult.

Your doctor should take the final call on whether traveling while pregnant is safe for you or not. Describe the trip plan at hand to a doctor in detail and only if s/he clears you for flying when pregnant, should you go ahead. Ask for a letter confirming it’s safe for you to board a flight after 28 or 32 weeks of pregnancy as per the applicable airline pregnancy policy. Also, take note of warning signs or certain things to look out for.  Ask about:

  • Whether you should wear decompression stockings
  • Nausea remedies if you’re prone to motion sickness
  • Gas & diarrhea remedies
  • Whether you need any prenatal care at the destination
  • Get suggestions on hospitals or doctors at the destination

Most airlines discourage pregnancy travel after 36 weeks (32 weeks in case of some airlines).

Check Policies – Airline and Insurance

Contact the airline company and ask about their policy for air travel during pregnancy. They will need a note from your doctor to verify the pregnancy delivery due date.

What if you require medical assistance at the destination? Are you covered? Go through your health insurance plan or have a word with your insurance agent. In case you’re traveling overseas, check if you require additional coverage or a new policy.

Although not necessary, you may also consider purchasing medical evacuation insurance so that you could be flown home in case medical assistance is required.

General Tips for Comfortable Air Travel during Pregnancy


  • Opt for loose & layered clothing for comfortable flight journey during pregnancy
  • Carry an empty bottle and have enough water; take small sips every now and then (even if not thirsty) during the journey to avoid dehydration that can lead to symptoms such as nausea, cramping, fatigue and constipation during pregnancy
  • Carry a moisturizer; it will be helpful in getting rid of itch resulting from air-conditioning
  • Carry a neck pillow and heat pack
  • Book early and get a seat of your choice (aisle seat will give you more freedom in moving around; restroom trips too would be hassle-free)
  • Find out if the airline offers additional services such as a wheelchair or assistance for loading/unloading luggage for pregnant women
  • Before boarding the flight, strictly avoid carbonated drinks or gassy foods
  • Buckle the seatbelt under your belly, on the lower side of your hipbones
  • Carry a copy of all prenatal records

Have a Safe Journey to All the Mommies to Be.  if you too have plans to explore best travel destinations in India, must read the post: Stunning Travel Destinations in India in our travel section.

I hope you will find this post useful. Let me know through comments if you have some suggestions, advice and also share what did you do about traveling during yours?


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