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Parent’s Role in Child’s Education: Dads Can Help With These 10 Strategies


Parent’s Role in Child’s Education

In many families around the globe, the word “Parents” in most topics concerning “Parent’s role in a child’s education” is often decoded as a MOM. But, research proves that father’s role in parenting and especially his involvement in child’s education is crucial. How a father teaches numerous lessons to a child play an important role in the child’s success in academics and beyond.

Parent’s Role in Child’s Education: Tips & Tricks

We have compiled a list of 10 easy ways dads can get involved in their child’s education:

1. Create a Daily Routine

Parent’s Role in Child’s Education

Designate a fixed time-window for school homework to be completed. Even if the child has no home-work on some days, dad and child can together read a story or an interesting piece of text. A daily routine helps one discharge responsibilities of a father more easily.

2. Create a Dedicated Study Area

Parent’s Role in Child’s Education

Parent’s role in child’s education in modern life is a lot more than just attending PT meetings, scanning through report cards or checking notebooks. Create a dedicated study area at home where you can spend some time peacefully with your child. The study area should be quiet, airy and well-lit.

3. Stay Abreast With the Latest

Just as you scan through morning newspapers or watch the evening news, make it a habit to stay updated on your child’s progress in different subjects. Parent’s role in a child’s education is more than just pressurizing him to score good marks. Take a personal interest in problems that s/he is facing in acquiring certain academic skills.

4. Encourage

One of the key roles that parents can play in a child’s education is to serve as a source of constant encouragement to do better with each passing week. Even when the child fails to meet the set expectations, it is important that you assume the role of a motivational speaker and not an army instructor who penalizes mistakes.

5. Get Rid Of Distractions


The study area should be free of all kinds of distractions. No other family member should be watching Television, listening to music or playing games when you want a child to concentrate fully on studies. In this context, the role of the father in the family is to inculcate discipline.

6. Plan Ahead

You cannot devote time to study all subjects on a daily basis with a child. The child too cannot grasp chunks of concepts every day. Plan your weekdays in advance and stick to the plan. For instance, study two subjects on Monday and another two on Tuesday; have a session for weekly revision on Saturdays or Sundays.

7. Make it Fun


If you know the child will be studying a chapter on weather cycles in coming days, why not gather some interesting facts that can arouse curiosity? What if you could use some engaging pictures or even find an interesting children’s film on the subject?  Parent’s role in a child’s education is also to provide him or her with the right motivation to learn or necessary material for imagination.

8. Finish Your Work First

Parents can play a better role in a child’s education if they manage to deal with their professional responsibilities in a timely manner. Father’s role in parenting can be more satisfying if he is able to balance his time and energy between the professional and family life.

9. Take Notes

Responsibilities of a father

Learn the art of taking notes and drawing mind maps for quick revision. Teach it to your child and see that note-taking develops into a habit. You can also create mnemonics that your child can use to memorize information. Even if you’ve not been a great student yourself, as an adult, you can comprehend note-taking, mnemonics, and mind-maps very easily now. A dad-to-be can start early.

10. Build Rapport


Play with your child. Ask him to join you on morning or evening walks on some days. If he is young enough, take him on a hiking trip.


Parent’s role in a child’s education is not just about helping him or her score good marks in school and qualify entrance exams a decade later. You should also help him learn about other spheres of life.

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