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Motherhood perhaps is the best feeling in the entire universe and you know that. Its unconditional love personified. For a mother, it’s natural to be highly protective about a young infant. We know you want to use the best-in-class baby care products including the best baby wipes available but seldom do moms know about the fact that there are better alternatives available than just popular brands. Consider, Mother Sparsh water-based wipes and ordinary wipes, for instance.

Why is Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes better than Ordinary Wipes?


wipesMother Sparsh Water Based Wipes

Ordinary wipes, if you notice, are not just hard on the supple baby skin, but they are also soapy and heavily perfumed. In order to retain humidity and preserve the product for a longer duration, lotion based wipes make use of chemical extracts that may cause harmful effects on the gentle baby skin. Needless to mention, ordinary wipes come with a wide range of side effects for the baby.

Baby wipes, on the other hand, are water-based; water itself is an excellent preservative and Mother Sparsh baby water based wipes comprise of 98% pure water and high-quality natural ingredients.

Keep in mind that cleanliness in case of little ones isn’t just about wiping baby skin. It’s a health concern and should be considered as such. Baby’s soft skin needs the purest form of care. After all, baby’s skin is at least ten times more delicate than an adult. So, it makes sense not to ignore the risks associated with baby hygiene.

Mother Sparsh: As Good as Cotton & Water



The skin-friendly natural fabric wipes from the house of Mother Sparsh are gentle when cleansing delicate baby skin and prevent diaper rashes from ordinary wipes. They are as good as soft cotton and pure water, really.

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Polyester free baby wipes are made from naturally occurring plant fabrics. Thus, your child is safeguarded against various allergies, infections, and irritation with clinically proven baby wipes.  To top it all, these wipes are 100% biodegradable.

Gentle like a dewdrop!

Among all available water-based wipes in India, Mother Sparsh has made a name for itself. They are a pioneer in 98% water based baby wipes in the country and the product is 100% Ayurvedic. The product is also suitable for newborns and not just infants and toddlers. Therefore, you can start using these wipes at any stage.

Whether you’re looking for Parabens and alcohol-free water based wipes or Hypoallergenic (no allergenic) and pH Balanced wet wipes (no redness), look no further than Mother Sparsh’ baby wet wipes! These wipes provide natural care with vitamin E and aloe vera.

Your child deserves the best. It’s time to bid adieu to dryness, redness, rashes, boils and other skin infections resulting from low quality wipes made from polyester and soaked in chemicals. It’s time to give Mother Sparsh baby wet wipes a try.

Today, an increasingly large number of moms are now using water-based wipes from Mother Sparsh because they are 100% plant-based, contain 98% purified water and are specifically formulated for a child’s delicate skin.

You will be impressed the very first time you use these velvet-soft wipes to cleanse your child’s skin. Promise!


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