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How to Make Fitness a Habit?

I have gained a lot in my life-good marks, good friends, desired job, exceptionally curious and easy going miraculous baby boy, last and also the most is baby fat after a c-section. Before baby, despite the hectic schedules I never missed my daily yoga routine. Undoubtedly this new mom had so much potential and time to achieve the fitness obsession. Things have not remained same. Now I’m heavier. Being a part of busy society, being not able to continue my fitness regimen the size of my tummy and the size of my baby both developing in a proportional way.  After the miracle job of giving birth to little being one new struggle was in front of me- to lose the post-c-section pooch.



Also after getting the biggest version of myself, I felt like I need to explain to everyone, I was actually skinny. I got heavier because of c-section, busy working schedule and having no time to follow calming yoga routine. My confidence got scattered.

During post pregnancy days I have realized post-baby and especially after c-section, you need an extra care and dedication to get your body back into pre-baby shape. Initially, it appeared impossible to lose the post-c-section pooch but after the talk to my doctor and with the support of my family, I have started my exercise regimen again which typically means losing a few pounds.


This post is designed for all new mommas and for all those who want to make fitness a habit. There are several key components to making this happen.

Keep scrolling to read out how one can make Fitness a Habit?

  • Just Do It Now:

We all are busy and we all have the same amount of time – 24 hours. But only a few people listen to their body. A single strong push with no excuse and you’re more likely to get back into shape. The peak demand to get your body back into shape is to put the fitness on higher priority. If you can’t make it a priority then add fitness to your rituals and routines as they repeat over and over again and also much easier to follow through. Build an exercise habit, repeat it and also stick on it.

  • Build and Follow Easy Start:

It the small steps that ultimately climb mountains. This is the thumb rule that can help you lose weight in a big way. Make an easy, baby-steps fitness routine that you can follow even when you are in low mode or even when your excuses can’t beat it. It’s not that only 180-degree steps will give you big results.

  • Find Your Trainer:

Hiring a personal trainer is the best way to start taking steps towards fit and healthy lifestyle. Believe me, just one or two sessions with a trainer can be so beneficial and aftermaths will surely surprise you.

  • Collect Activities You Enjoy:

But it is also not a compulsion to go to a gym or buy heavy pieces of equipment. Make a rigid plan of easy-to-go-activities that you can enjoy and do regardless of the weather, place, or time of day. We all can devote some time to weight lifting, walking, running, tennis, cycling, and aerobics classes. These small and easiest activities are most helpful to make a leaner, healthier you. Walk with a pedometer and walk the dog are my ways, what’s yours?

  • Keep Focus on Your Nutritional Goals:

Apart from choosing and following moderate regular exercises, a right and balanced meal plan are also very important to maintain optimum health. Keep this in mind when you’re setting your nutritional goals. Make sure your nutritional goals are met with the proper serving of fruit- vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy.





Success is a subject of long-term and cumulative and also you need to be doing better over time. So do it, continue it. And if you hold your predefined fitness loop consistently, success doesn’t seem so far away.

Always remember it’s much easier to do a new habit than it is to stop a habit. So Lets start new January with new fitness habit and stop seeing you being any other dull or fluffy way!

I am sure after reading the article you must resign yourself to being big for the rest of your life. If it’s so, share your thoughts and views with me and if there is something I missed out on making a fitness habit, share that too.

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  1. Great tips. I am preparing to move to a new state and finding a trainer is top on my list once I settle in. It’s not so much my not knowing what to do, but the accountability that a trainer provides.

  2. I liked your ethos where you said that ‘fitness is not about finding excuses’ which actually can apply to much of life. Instead of making excuses we should take actions to try and work towards our goals. I like the idea of building upon and finding an easy start. Slow and steady wins the race!

  3. This was just the motivation I needed to read right now. Going to the gym is really hard for me, I don’t enjoy it but am hoping I will once it becomes easier. You’re key quote is right, stop making excuses!

  4. I loved the tips, I have healthy eating habits, but I’m always finding excuses to go to the gym cause I’m too lazy. With These tips, I think I will reconsider starting a fitness habit to lose some weight.

  5. Such a great tip about focusing on nutritional goals as well. As a fitness and nutrition coach, I’ve found that it’s 80% about what we eat and 20% workouts that get us to our goals. Don’t get me wrong, working out is important, but to lose weight and have good health .. there’s always the old adage that you can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet. x

  6. These are some amazing tips! I completely agree it is very difficult to get back in shape after C-sec but sticking to your plan and achieving nutritional goals is very important. I was considering to hire a personal trainer but wasn’t sure…after reading this post now I am going to look for a great trainer in my locality. Thanks!

  7. Im nit a hardcore on fitness but each time i have opportunity, i make sure to do it. Walking is the main fitness i love and squatting. These two makes my friends hates me, hahaha.

  8. Your tips are spot on. I put on a few pounds during the holiday too and changing my work out schedule to shed that. Totally agree with on stating it slow and easy. Gradually building up motivation and stamina is the best way to adapt to a new work out plan.

  9. Wonderful tips on creating good steady habits. I definitely believe that you have to make it exciting and fun for something to stick especially fitness. So fun excercise classes and even cooking classes on nutrition make it less of an obligation.

  10. My goal for 2018 is to focus more on fitness and stick through it the whole year. These are great tips! I need to keep my goals this year

  11. I had to stop doing exercise last year because I was too much busy in some other important work. But I will definitely come back this year. I do Zumba and a 30-minute workout.

  12. This was great motivation. I struggle with working out, largely because of health issues. But, I want to get into shape and feel more healthy. But, my goal for this year is wellness; so thank you for these great tips.


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