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Only a day away from Holi! Holi is as much a festival of chemicals as it is of colors. So it is better to prepare your skin before indulging in the splash of colors. .


Diwali and Holi both are the famous festivals but aftermath of these festivals can sometimes be unpleasant. Being a parent, I am also getting nervous to let my baby be a part of Holi festival mainly due to the risk of chemically synthesized Holi colors. We all know that we should avoid synthetic colors as they contain harmful chemicals. These colors can cause irritation, stinging and sometimes chronic allergy in the eyes.

Even If you use organic colors, you still need to protect your baby’s skin so that it does not get damaged from being in the sun for long hours. Harsh sun rays, chemicals present in colors are not only harmful for the skin but also for the overall health of the body. So skin care of your kid before and after Holi is extremely important..

Get your Baby ready for Holi with these Pre-Holi tips.

One extremely important point is to keep your children away from the Holi bonfire.

Apply sunscreen as soon as your baby get morning shower. And also apply a rich moisture or oil before they step out to play.

Coat a layer of petroleum jelly on their lips, ears so color doesn’t settle.

Make sure your kid’s nails are short. You can also apply nail paint or oil to protect nails from colors. Yes, I too applied transparent nail paint to my baby boy during his Holi festival at playschool.

Apply hair oil, half an hour before step out. It will make a shield on your baby’s hair to reduce the ill effect of harmful colors and will make it easy for you to get rid of it later.

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Use herbal and organic colors for your kids. Toxic color usage can cause several types of skin rashes and injury on baby’s super soft skin.

Teach children water manners. ‘Pichkari’ is always a better option for kids than water balloons. Avoid any kind of use of water balloons.

Get the goggles to your baby to avoid any eye infections from harmful colors.

Make you sure what your kids wear during the festival covers the maximum of their body so that there will be less of skin exposed. You can use long-sleeved tops, tees ad pants to cover up the skin.

Stick to comfortable fabrics that allow skin breathes. Avoid synthetic and tight clothes for yours kids.

Keep an eye on your child. Always carry a water bottle. You can wash with water if color goes in their eyes or mouth.

If your baby has any skin problem or getting any skin treatment, it is best to consult your doctor before they step out to play Holi.

Be ready for emergencies.

Keeping them hydrated is the trick. Dehydrated skin is more prone to getting sunburned and getting affected by colors. Also feed your child homemade foods and sweets.

Follow these simple rules and no one can stop you from creating beautiful Holi memories with your kids and family.

I Hope these above tips will make the Holi celebrations fun for you and your child. Happy Holi!

Also share, if you too have any tips to make the most of the festival.


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