I believe in gender equality, do you? #Sondaychallenge

If she can reach to the NASA, why can’t you to the bucket. If she can be the loco pilot, why can’t you turn the washing machine on? Why there is gender discrimination on sharing household chores.
It’s often said and seen that laundry is just a woman’s task. It may be because most of us believing the myth that laundry is just for women, right? Laundry is culturally constructed only for her.

Gender Discrimination Starts At Home

When there is no different gender-based delivery process then why to discriminate on gender when it comes to any subject including household chores and especially laundry.
Like no work is big and small, no work is gender-based too. No work is a subject to gender biased. If she can do it, anyone can.



 My parents always treated us equally whether it’s the love that they sprinkled on us or whether it’s the responsibility of household chores.  They made us do the housework equally. I still remember how happy we brothers and sisters did our laundry on our own. Today being a mom, being a single parent to my son it’s my double responsibility to teach him these chores apart from gender bias. Gender doesn’t matter when it comes to removing stains from the clothes.


Let’s Break the Pattern of Gender Discrimination

My son has started going to preschool in the last few weeks. So his learning and exploring skills are escalating at a higher speed. And while going through this delightful and tearful transition, I found out that this is also the best time to teach him his homely responsibilities along with his school day routine. Responsibilities to finish his school work on time put the books, clothes in the right place and also how to clean the mess. I have learned one essential thing during my motherhood journey that kids are cute empty boxes whatever you will put into these cute boxes, they will give you something same with much higher velocity. While struggling on how to get him to involve in small household tasks, I got to hear about Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad campaign in association with @blogadda.


It is a great initiative by Ariel #sharetheload with a strong message to remove the housework gender gap. While I was thinking of how, they have already taken a step forward and giving a strong message in the society that laundry is not a task for her, it’s for all. I am so happy to be associated with Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad campaign.


A big thanks to them as it also gave me a chance to teach him how to share the laundry load and how laundry is not gender based. It’s time for the first #SONdaychallenge. So I’m taking a picture of my son doing the laundry and sharing it here.


I am preparing my boy for sharing the load, and you?


‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

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