How to Make Your Baby a Genius While Inside the Womb

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages of life for a woman when a life grows inside of her. All expectant mothers want their babies to be smart, intelligent and happy kids. While there’re no guarantees that your child will get into the IITs or Harvard 20 years later, we at Bumpnmum have compiled some important pregnancy planning tips that we believe are useful for ensuring optimal brain growth for a baby inside the womb.

Intelligent & Smart Baby from the Womb


Do no harm; discipline yourself


Among most other pregnancy planning tips, this one’s the most practical one. A baby is nature’s miracle-in-progress; do not hinder her or his progress. Soon-to-be-mother and if possible, the father too should abstain from recreational drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and excess caffeine.

Eat well; take supplements if necessary with doctor’s advice

Include more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Even if you are craving fried chips and spicy foods, remind yourself that the baby craves nutrition.  Your baby’s developing brain is more likely to grow better if you eat healthy foods.

An ideal pregnancy diet, which any parenting guide detailing pregnancy planning tips would tell, should include a lot of vegetable based omega-3 fats and its derivatives. Omega-3s are found in the human brain’s tissue layers. Sufficient intake during pregnancy will boost a developing baby’s brain while improving overall brain function.

Also, proteins and fats are crucial for fetal brain development but the daily calorie intake should include at least 12% lean proteins and a maximum of 30% fats.

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Ensure your emotional wellbeing; avoid stress

Join a prenatal yoga group in your locality or start meditating at home. You can also some perform some light, yoga exercises that help you stretch a muscle or two on a daily basis.

A newborn carries traces of a mother’s experiences – good vibes, positive feelings, gratitude and tranquility or stress, negativity and anger during pregnancy. A baby who’s more calm and content, for instance, is more likely to learn faster at school and  later.


It is believed that the baby can hear music from the womb after 23rd week. So, play some classical music when you’re at home. You need not place the headphone on the bump. Move around, go on with your daily activities and play some soothing classical music in the backend. It will help create neural pathways in a baby’s brain at an early stage.

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Talk to the baby


Sounds funny but the baby in the womb can hear and recognize sounds. Let the baby hear rhymes, stories from the books, musicals or voices of the near & dear ones. Such activities can affect brain development during pregnancy.

A full term is always good


If premature delivery isn’t the only option at hand, you should always wait for a full term. Babies, who stay in the womb longer, are likely to have brain functions fully developed.


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