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No more TV. No more devices.

As parents, we know we should limit screen time for our children, but how? Here’s a simple trick that works amazing for us. Read till conclusion on Firstcry Intellikit. 


As #littlek has started going to school so his interest in reading book and activities are developing more. It’s undeniable that a child’s reading skills are crucial to their success in school, work, and life in general. So to accomplish baby’s reading desire, mommy dwells herself in online searching. While searching some interesting books and educational activities for him, I got my hands on #intellikit by  I had been hearing a lot of positive recommendations about FirstCry Intellikit on Instagram. So without any delay, I ordered ‘Sun, Moon & Stars themed box’ that is appropriate for 2 to 3 years kid. Firstcry Intellikit is available for age groups from 2-3 years, 3-4 years & 4-6 years. 

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With this kit, I got 8 activities, 1 storybook, 10 worksheets, 1 learning calendar with reward stars stickers (which is a big hit for positive reinforcement) and 1 happy tracker to trail the child’s development.


#littlek was overly excited after seeing ‘Sun, Moon & Stars themed box’ .

FirstCry Intellikit Sun, Moon & Stars Kit is a good mix of educational and fun activities for the children.

  • I must say, the themed box of Intellikit is very attractive.
  • Each activity packed in a separate biodegradable bag with a simple label.
  • The instruction sheet is quite specific, engaging and tells about the contents like how many pieces of what…

Toddlers rarely sit still for long, and it’s oftentimes difficult to get them to focus. But with this themed box, I started to observe a change in his behavior. Now he learned to stay put for the duration of the activity. This activity box also provides a great opportunity to set up a regular, shared event where you can look forward to spending time together.

Why Firstcry’s Intellikit??


  • The activity box I were using before intellikit completely lacks a fine motor, cognitive and gross motor, creativity skills. But Firstcry’s Intellikit covers 12 development areas including fine motor, cognitive and gross motor, creativity, exploration, language, and social skills.
  • One other best thing about Firstcry’s Intellikit is that these themed boxes are quite inexpensive as compared with other activity boxes in the market.
  • There are lots of activities in one box, a complete monthly package. Firstcry Intellikit delivers more money’s worth.
  • Toddler’s curiosity about things around is pretty high and this set of activities is perfect to match their highest curiosity level and unbeatable energy.
  • #littlek was already knows these celestial objects but playing with kit now he gets more information like Sun comes only during morning.
  • Screen time was my one of biggest concern. I don’t want to waste his energy in destructive activities. And this box of #intellikit saves me from this trouble. He shows so much excitement while fixing the sun, moon and stars at their respective places with the help of the Velcro. One of the positive aftermaths of intellikit is that Screen time of my baby has reduced and he has become more playful and cheerful.
  • He is a big energy ball and gets bored and annoyed very easily. It is not possible to hold him for a longer time. He always needs an activity, book or toy one after the other in a very short span of time. The theme is completely fresh for him that keeps my baby busy yet educates him.

My Conclusion:

If you are looking for an interesting activity for your kids, I will recommend Firstcry Intellikit as it’s reasonable, more detailed and the quality of activities is excellent and enough for a kid for whom the best thing you can give is your time with him.

Want to order one for your little one? Use my code (‘KavitaS70’) and get a superb 70% discount on a three-month subscription of Intellikit across any age group. The prices do keep changing, and now they seem to have a trial box, which may be a good idea to see if it works for you.


Have you tried it? Are you considering trying it? Hope you guys find it useful. Do leave a comment below.

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