First best foods and healthy fats for your toddler

So new momma has started to give first food for their toddler…

Having a baby is the most amazing feeling in the world and seeing them learn every little detail of life is something only parents can understand! As the baby starts growing up, it is the responsibility of the parents to take care of the babies needs and give them the best food or healthy fats for their healthy growth. It’s the monsoon season here and your baby needs more attention and care during the rainy season; especially at the time of eating and drinking.




However, new-mothers or to-be parents have several doubts when it comes to tending their little ones, especially about the baby food. This article is for all apprehensive mothers who like to feed their young ones with the best baby food.

An infant needs get the right amounts of nutrients for healthy growth. Right food in right amounts will ensure that the baby grows up hail and healthy. Here are the 5 ideal foods for your 9 months old

What are the essential and healthy foods and fats for your toddler?

Whole Grain Foods:

A nine-month-old baby is big enough to start understanding things and try new things every day! It is the stage when the digestive system is capable of digesting solid but soft foods along with the mother’s feed. The baby can be fed with enriched whole grains foods such as rice, bread, rotis, crackers, and cereals. They will provide the baby with fiber and carbohydrates as well as iron and folate that boost the baby’s healthy growth.



Whole grain food work as great options for finger foods for your 9-month-old and most babies of this age love them. These foods also help the baby in developing motor skills.

Cooked Vegetables:

Your toddler is ready to try foods but they can digest foods which are soft! Boil vegetable like carrots, spinach, cauliflower, etc. This will not only give them the necessary nutrients and minerals, but they will also get used to different tastes. They also help the baby in developing a strong immunity.


Steamed Foods:

Give them steamed foods like Idlis, kichadi or upma (Indian breakfast items) that are loaded with vegetables. These foods make them habituated to different foods. The baby can also be given egg yolks which are high in proteins.


Healthy Fats:

As the baby gets old, he or she will need a good amount of healthy fats to help the development of the brain. However, one important thing parents will have to remember is that the child does not need a lot of sugars in the name of fats. At 9 months, the baby will need about 30 grams of fat in a day. Though the baby gets half of these fats from the breast milk, you can provide the other half by feeding them with healthy fats like poultry, fish, cheese, and meats.



Let the baby explore new tastes. Give them foods with varied flavors. Feed them with mashed fruits. The best fruits for this are apples, bananas, berries, etc. You can also make a juice with these fruits so it is easy to feed the infants. Fruits contain many necessary nutrients that your toddler needs.


All these are ideal foods that help your baby’s growth. They not only make your baby strong, but they also help in their overall growth.


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