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It is often a misconception that pregnancy and childbirth is the role and job of a mother. In reality, fathers play an important role. Pregnancy is a shared responsibility and an expectant father has plenty of work to do. It is the woman who carries the baby within her for nine months. But, fathers too have equal responsibilities and duties. An expectant father’s role during pregnancy is no less important. Becoming a parent for the first time is an emotional experience.

For all those soon to be daddies, a joy is on your way. You might feel alienated at times and things could be challenging at times. So, here we present few things you must keep in mind and should do as soon as your wife announces about her pregnancy.

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 Expectant Father’s Role During Pregnancy


1. Take Care of Mum

It is crucial for you to be present with her and take care of your wife. An expectant dad must ensure that his wife eats healthy.  It is the time she needs your support. Not just practical support, but emotional support as well. Support your partner and give her healthy food to eat. Take her to walks or do exercise together throughout the pregnancy (as per recommendations of the doctor). Accompany your wife on doctor’s visits and all medical appointments.


2.Learn Parental Skills

You may join parental classes. These classes will guide you on how to be a good parent. Both, the expectant father and the mother must attend the classes as these will help in understanding how to look after a baby.

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You must start reading books about pregnancy. This will give you an idea about the pregnancy-related issues and how to deal with them. Are you searching pregnancy reveal ideas, check these cute pregnancy announcements ways? 

parentingclasses .


3.Participate in Household Chores

All the daddies to be must help their wife. Your wife is undergoing a transformational process. Pregnancy is a shared responsibility and it is your duty to take care of both the child and the wife. You must help your wife and do the vital household chores and let her rest.

The most important thing, “Keep your work aside.” Make time for your baby and wife. They need your support and love.


4. Make a Birth Plan

Planning is always a must. It must be based on the felt needs. You must start planning ahead of pregnancy. Create a proper birth plan with your partner and also decide in advance where you want to have the baby.




5. Work Together

Adjust and understand your responsibilities. After pregnancy, some women may feel certain physical changes in their body. To avoid these strains, you must accompany and help her more before the baby’s birth.

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And also be prepared to play your role well after a baby’s birth. Be her partner. In the early days, breastfeeding can last for several hours. Don’t leave your partner alone at that crucial time. Be there, accompany her, and bring her snacks and drinks. Ensure that your partner too is getting an adequate amount of sleep.

Learn these things and enjoy your role as a father.


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