Useful Travel Photography Tips for Improving Your Photos


Photography is a love affair with a passing moment and the ability to capture it. Good travel photographers do not shoot what ‘it looks like’; they shoot ‘what it feels like.’ Stories, landscapes, people, traditions, history, architecture or food – each travel destination is unique.

Learning to capture the spirit of such diverse subjects in your travel photographs enables you to give viewers a glimpse of what it might be like to travel there. In this post, we’re listing out a handful of useful travel photography tips for improving your photos.

How to Improve Your Travel Photography?


1 – Use the Golden Hour

Wake up early – at least an hour before the sunrise.  You can get some great photo opportunities to shoot a variety of subjects in the morning light. There’d also be fewer tourists at famous landmarks in the morning. Travel photographs clicked during the sunrise, sunset and the blue hour can help you get clicks with surreal colors.

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2 – Crack the Monotony

Try exploring new surroundings at a destination. Hire a bike or board a cab and roam around the place. If you do not want to shoot ‘just another picture’ of a famous landmark or a landscape, you need to stand up and walk.

3 – Stay at a Suitable Place

A good deal of time during travel is spent at the hotel or apartment. If it’s located in the heart of a destination, offers good views of the surrounding landscapes or has several tourist attractions in close proximity – you’re likely to get several opportunities to click good photographs at different intervals during the day.

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4 – Perspective

Climb up to a higher place, discover a new angle or get low to the ground – be different. Many fall short in travel photography simply because they click one generic picture after another. If a hundred people have already clicked a thousand pictures of a monument from the same angle, why not try something different?

5 – Research before You Visit a Destination

 It pays to know about the history, significance, culture, and specialties of a destination. You’re in a position to create a meaningful photo story more easily this way. If you do your homework – scan through blogs, read articles and watch travel videos – there will no dearth of perspective or creative ideas for travel photography when you get there.

6 – The Perfect Shot:  

Forget about it. It’s completely fine to strive and click better pictures with each passing day but constantly nudging your left brain to get ‘the perfect shot’ only results in a ‘creative block.’ Do not worry about flaws, be it exposure, white balance, grain or flare. All travel photographers learn various ‘technicalities’ through trial-and-error.

7 – Use a Tripod



You can take long exposures or click pictures in low light with a tripod. A tripod will also compel you to slow down with travel photography and pour in the more creative juice into each click. Opt for a tripod that’s light-weight and easy to carry around.

Lastly, with each trip that you go out on, try to discover your ‘voice.’ Be ‘unique.’ Be ‘you.’

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