Dream of Pregnancy that has changed my life forever

Dream of Pregnancy

It was just a normal day, a day like any other of mid-winter. From hot sunny day to stormy night. And after digging into a hot and hearty yummy dinner with funny gossip we went for a bed. I and my sister were on the same bed to have some more chitchat before sleep. After exchanging the same old funny childhood chitchat when sleep caught both of us not remembers. In the middle of the night I was like semi asleep, semi-awake and suddenly felt some pressure on my body might be I was thirsty and tried to move but I couldn’t. Then I got a deep sleep and suddenly I was feeling amazing I mean no words for that feeling what my body was feeling out. I think that feeling was a dream that surrounds me. Dream of few cute little angels who were playing in the forest. Trust me they were real angles filled with so much cuteness, pureness. I want to wake up but there is something which couldn’t let me awaken. Then I saw one cute innocent angel, dressed in a white, keep looking at me and smiling and his smile gave me mesmerizing feeling. His cute eyes were on me and also trying to upstairs and after that, he got busy in playing with other angles.




Suddenly I wake up from the dream with huge tiredness like I was also playing with those angles. That dream was ended with some gesture and it was cleared out next morning when I visited a gynecologist. Congrats you are supposed to be a baby. Oh really were came out from my mouth with huge happiness after listening to that special and awesome news.It was such a sweet moment. Then I realized that was not just a dream it was the gesture of new arrival in our family. My angel had already touched my soul. Now, what was remaining to have my bundle of joy in my arms.


Pregnancy is such a wonderful feeling in itself but it became huge times wonderful when my dream came true.

I have heard lots of pregnancy symptoms and dreaming of pregnancy is one of the initial pretty and unique symptoms in my case, I know it’s not a sure sign. Pregnancy symptoms are different for each woman as each woman is different and I am continuing my story on next post to find out first signs of pregnancy.


I’m Kavita – an engineer, shopaholic, new mom and the face behind Bumpnmum. Bumpnmum is the blog of new mom of cute little prince who inspire me to write out all the exciting stories and scary experiences of being a mom.


  1. Hi, Kavita its really very touching post. I am the mother of two kids and I can feel how beautiful is the experience of pregnancy. Enjoy your motherhood journey.Best wishes …

  2. Congrats!!! Very beautiful post. Wishing you the very best in this phase of your life.
    Baby dust to all trying to conceive.

  3. Congrats this such an beautiful post. It has to be an amazing feeling to finding out you’re becoming a mother.

  4. Oh Wow! Such an amazing and touching feeling it is. I am not yet a mother but being a lady I can surely understand this feel. congratulations.

  5. Good luck in this and everything you do. I myself am getting married this fall and we already have made plans for extending the family. I am terrified to be honest but I am sure there’s nothing to worry about.

  6. Yes I remember having very vivid and emotional dreams about pregnancy and childbirth, this was before I knew I was a few weeks pregnant. It’s strange how your body communicates with you.

  7. I cant help but be teary eyed at your dream and how it was already a mother’s intuition of a little angel coming to her life. Congrats on this lovely news Ms. Kavita!!! Wishing you the best in everything

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