How To Cherish Empathy in Kids and Raise an Empathetic Child



What is Empathy?

Empathy is the capability of understanding the emotions of others. It is a construct of understanding another person’s thoughts and feelings. It helps an individual understand how others’ might be feeling so that we can respond or adjust our behavior accordingly and appropriately to the situation. Empathy can be related to our social behaviors. Greater empathy implies a good attitude and a more helping behavior.

Teach Your Child Empathy

Empathy is not an innate talent that individuals or especially kids are born with. Kids don’t have the skills that they can understand empathy or think from another’s point or have a good level of understanding. It is the duty of a parent to teach their kids how to develop empathy. Nurture these young ones by teaching kids empathy. Here, we’d suggest you how to teach kids. Teaching kids’ empathy is not an unbeatable task that you can’t achieve. All you need to do is keep certain things in mind while teaching kids. Following are our suggestions about how to teach children empathy.

What You Can Do To Develop Empathy in  Kids


1. Teach them ‘Emotions’

It is very important for kids to understand how to put their own words to emotions. Until and unless they can express themselves, they won’t be able to understand what others’ might be feeling. Before teaching your kid how to develop empathy, teach your kid to react and express his/her own emotions.

2. Initiate a Conversation and Encourage your child to talk about their feelings

Empathy for kids is a sudden task at times. However, all it demands your time and attention towards your kid. Talk with your little one, ask them to share their feelings. Talk about how they felt about any particular incident and guide them according to what they say. Teaching kids empathy can be easy only and only if you have a one-to-one talk with your kid every day. Ask them about hypothetical situations “How would you feel if someone did this or something like that”. See what they respond. This will make you understand what process you should take that can help you in teaching kid empathy.

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3. Teach them Moral Values

Good moral values are a great way of teaching kids empathy, by telling them how to care and respect for others.

4. Teach them how to handle ‘Negative Emotions’

Not just little ones, it is natural for even adults to develop negative emotions towards anyone. It might be a feeling of jealousy or anger. Teaching them how to deal with negative emotions is an important factor you must consider while planning how to develop empathy in your kid.  You must teach them how to deal with these negative situations in a positive way.

5. Be a Good Example

Children actually learn more by observing various things around them. Your kids are watching you and other members of your family. Be a good example for them. Teach them how to be a good person. Help the needy person. This will help you in teaching kid empathy in a better way. Empathy for kids is very important. This is their crucial age to learn these skills and you can help them in polishing their skills and behaviors towards others.

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6. Discuss the Surroundings

Teach your kids to notice what is happening around and discuss about the positive and negative things going around.


7. Praise your Little one

It is very important to show your love and gratitude towards your kids. If your little one performs an act of kindness or does something good, appreciate their behavior. Tell them what they did right. This will be a good start to develop the feeling of empathy for kids.

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