Let’s celebrate creative, funny and cute pregnancy announcements way

My heart goes zoom when we hear that we are expecting a baby soon. Being a pregnant, being a new mom, having a baby just gives you flying feeling which has no words to describe the happiness you feel. A day comes in my life when I am also honored to announce a new arrival in my family. Today I am shining more than this sunny day after getting news of my little one’s arrival. After all, you’re going to give life to another human being out of your body. Becoming a mother is such an exciting and magical time that could possibly happen in anyone’s life. Now, what’s running in my mind how to make an announcement of this big news which can express my super duper excitement? I am writing this post for all expecting mothers who are looking for creative, funniest and cute pregnancy announcements way.
Here I am also sharing few lines or you can say intense and undeniable feelings for my new someone who has changed our life forever.


Oh, little angel oh little angel!
We have expanded by two little feet,
Now our family is cheerfully complete!

Oh, little angel oh little angel!
You fill us with loads of love and joy,
Hey, all please come together to welcome our baby boy!

Dig out this post to get innovative and cutest ways to announce an arrival of your bundle of joy. This post is for all no matter if it’s your first pregnancy or you’re going to be the mom of second.
Let’s celebrate joyful pregnancy with me.

Tiny Shoes

I placed these tiny shoes on my husband tee and when he opened the almirah to wear that he was totally surprised and loved this idea.

Cute pregnancy announcement

Funny pregnancy announcement


Cute pregnancy announcement


Pregnancy test picture

Taking pictures of Pregnancy test is also a vivid way of pregnancy reveal. One of my friends used this idea to give surprise to his husband…and that moment for expectant father was priceless.

Cute pregnancy reveal



 Surprise for family members

What my sister did was totally fun. She wrote heart touching lines on board to announce her baby birth.

Cute pregnancy announcement


Yummy announcement

One of the best, funny, cute and yummy surprising ideas to celebrate pregnancy announcement. I am sure your husband, family, relatives will love it.

Baby Reveal cake


Expanded by two Feet

Cute pregnancy announcementBaby Arrival


Techie announcement

To make it more memorable use this idea and it gonna be outstanding for techie freak people.

Cute pregnancy announcement


Cute pregnancy announcement


New addition

Big brother and sister are also the finest way for pregnancy announcements. Click it and post it on social to announce your new arrival.

Cute pregnancy announcement

Beach announcements

Make a plan to spend your day on the seashore and give surprise of a new bundle of joy to your husband. I am sure he will be speechless.

Funny baby arrival


Cute pregnancy announcement


Baby accessories

A creative way for the baby announcement.

Funny Baby Arrival


Coming Soon…

A due announcement with creativity created on a baby pillow will double the happiness of expectant father.

Pregnancy announcement



  1. These are really great ideas. I’d never think of any of these but thanks to your blog. Quite an inspiration to sparkle ideas on baby announcements. Thanks for sharing

  2. Ohh how cute! I wish we made something more original but we came home from a 15 month round the world trip and I was 2 month pregnant and everything was so “stressfull” coming home so we just said it. But I made a lot of fun photos of my pregnant belly every month which was fun.

  3. These are all cute ideas for pregnancy announcements. I also love gender reveal announcement. I wish we had this years ago when I was still having babies! I will share this post with friends or family I know who are expecting.

  4. Wow! All of these reveal ways are surely super cute and thoughtful. My favorite pregnancy reveal would be the pregnancy test picture for the husband and the gender reveal would be the ‘Staches or Lashes’ one. <3

  5. These are adorable! I’ve seen some really amazing and creative announcements I think there’s so much you can do with something like this, a little bit fun, a little bit out there!


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