How to do Child Care in the Monsoon

Monsoon is here…

With a hot cup of tea in my hand I was busy in enjoying the enticing scene of the raindrops on plants; suddenly my little k got to wake up and starts creeping towards me. Beautiful rainy morning and embracing a baby in arms you can’t feel that miraculous feeling. In the middle of enjoyment of monsoon season and mammoth love to my baby, I got remember today we have an appointment with a doctor for my baby routine vaccination. It’s raining outside and no chance of re-schedule vaccination. Baby k is only 10 months old, it is freezing raining outside and I can’t prepare myself for a rainy day walk with my little baby.

It would be ok if I take my baby outside in rainy season. What else if he catches a cold? So many questions were in my mind and finally, I build myself for outside with so many precautions. Care during monsoons is very important I realized only when I need to go out with my little k. After few minutes distance, we, I and my little k reached to the doctor. I was surprised after seeing there were babies of all ages at the hospital.

As I discussed with my doctor it’s safe to take the baby outside in the rain. She relaxed me by saying that going out in the rain for a short while is totally normal.

It’s not about inside or outside, it’s about how safe your baby from the infectious virus and bacteria. Babies are more exposed to bacteria indoors than they are outdoors. So during monsoons care at home is also must.

She guides me how to keep fit your baby during the rainy season and all I have collected here in my new post just to help out all the new mothers who are also scared with seasonal infections occurs in monsoons or how to take care of your little baby during the rainy season.


Make insect proof home to enjoy the Monsoon

  • Home interiors and the baby surroundings should be clean and dry all the times and also kept free from mosquitoes and flies.
  • Use a mosquito net while sleeping and cover the hands and legs of your baby with a cloth to guard your child against mosquito bites. They are the carriers of Dengue, Malaria diseases.
  • Stick a wire mesh on windows and doors.
  • Prevent mosquitoes, flies and other insects from entering your house by closing the door and windows at evening. Don’t use mosquito coils and the chemical mosquito repellents as they can harm your child.
  • Don’t let the stagnant water stay around your house as it may lead to becoming the breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Clear all the clogs in the kitchen, bathroom if it has any.
  • Fix if you find any leakage in the electrical circuit.
  • Keep your room temperature warm to keep mosquitoes at bay.
  • Dispose of the garbage frequently.
  • Home gardening should be clear and trim daily.
  • Make sure water in flowerpots and coolers should be changed daily.
  • Maintain proper ventilation in the rooms in the monsoon daytime.

Rainy Season

How’s your baby dressing should be during Monsoon

  • Proper clothing is must but excessive layers of clothes can irritate your kids and also produce sweat a lot. Loose, dry and full sleeved cotton clothes or skin-friendly clothes are perfect and comfortable during monsoons.
  • Avoid diapers in monsoon as they can produce heavy rashes. If you can’t avoid then change more frequently.
  • Clothes don’t dry easily in the rainy season so keep reserve extra clothes. Make sure you also use high-quality detergent.
  • Trim your baby’s nail at least once a week as they are the most prone to fungal infections.
  • Weather changes rapidly during monsoons wrap up your child in warm clothes if you find weather convert into cold and breezy.
  • A bath with antiseptic soap at least once every day a is must for your baby.
  • Mothers and other caretakers should clean their hands before taking the babies in their arms.

Want to walk outside with your toddler

  • Use Plastic rain shield over the stroller if you have to go out in a rain.
  • Waterproof jackets are also good option to cover yourself and your baby in a rain.
  • You can also use the baby carrier if you step outside with your baby. But make sure your umbrella is big enough to cover both of you.

Baby Care during Monsoon

Rainy Season

Nothing tastier, nothing better than the food cooked by Mom

  • To prevent Water-borne diseases, give only boiled water to your kids.
  • Say no to juices or water from outside, junk, spicy or fry food.
  • Fresh, healthy and home-cooked food is the best food especially if it’s made by mom.
  • Make sure you eat healthy if you breastfeed so that your baby can build better immunity.
  • If you are the cook of your home make sure your hands are clean enough whenever you prepare the food.
  • Wash the feeding bottles, plates, bowls and other utensils used to cook food properly with hot water.
  • Teach your child to wash his hands before and after eating.
  • Avoid Watermelons, muskmelons, and mangoes. You can use Cherries, green almonds, peaches and plums to increase immunity in your kids.

Make monsoon proof home with these tips and enjoy a rain with your little munchkin. Enjoy the rain dance with your kids and family. Let the fun begin, let’s Dance, sing and capture some rainy shots with your beloved one and make this monsoon a lovely monsoon.

“Rain Rain Come Here,

 Mom and Baby Waiting There

 With All the Precautions and Preparations

Rain Rain Come Here

Little K is waiting there.”

Little K


  1. These tips are definitely going to help the parents to have a safe and enjoyable monsoon.
    They are really helpful

  2. Awww…loved reading this….cuddling up with your baby is such a great way to start the morning…..these tips are useful…I didn’t know the rainy season is called monsoon too…love the pictures

  3. Raining season is coming over soon in my island . Isn’t so bad couse we are living in the tropical country . But your tips and quotes are very important to read and interesting to know .

  4. Thanks for your tips on keeping the insects away. Japanese encephalitis cases are alarmingly rising in the Philippines so it’s vital to stay away from mosquitoes that could cause it, especially to children!

  5. Ohh so cute the photo of your boy having fun in the rain. Reminds me of myself as child in Thailand! And yes, when the babies are that tiny and especially if firt time mum anything worries you! So this post will help other worried mum out there to calm their nerves that a few dro of rains wont hurt their baby!😂

  6. That’s such an exhaustive list and so true. Monsoons are awesome, but they bring in so many surprises for kids and all the time I find myself handling my 3 year old for something or the other. Mosquitoes specially have been a nuisance and I apply Odomos for sure.

  7. You have given very helpful and easy to follow tips on how to take care of children in Monsoon. These are basic but very useful tips. As many of mothers like us face same problems in monsoon we should follow these tips.

  8. Never had to deal with monsoon time in my life. But, if it comes to it I am glad you shared this, because your list looks like it is very informative and detailed. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I always loved rainy days at home with the kids. Maybe because they gave us a chance to slow down. We’d always cook something or make an art project. Thanks for the fun memories! x

  10. Rainy days are beautiful but it is equally important to take special care during those days. I love making some comfort food during rainy days along with a cup of hot chai. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful tips!

  11. This do look like great rainy day tips anywhere. Although monsoon weather and events are so unique because they usually accompany hot weather and not cool weather. So the rain isn’t refreshing in quite the same way. And definitely important to protect yourself from mosquitos. Hate those bugs.

  12. Great tips for looking after a child during a monsoon. I live in the UK so we don’t have anything like this. Although it does seem like it sometimes when it’s rained non stop for days 😉

    Louise x

  13. This is a great post with wonderful tips for those who live in areas where this can be an issue, We don’t have that here, and I do not enjoy going out in the rain. Cuddling with a baby at home is so much better.


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