Which Are The Best Nappies For Newborns?

 Are you a Cloth-diaper Parent or Disposable-diaper Parent???

At the time of little k’s birth, I have no idea what to use to cover my baby bums or how to choose the best nappies?  Even I never heard or saw the hybrid cloth diapers.

For me, cloth diapers mean a triangle shaped cloths which are used as flat eco nappies for the new baby. So my unawareness made me completely dependent on disposable diapers. Though from the moment the baby K is born I have used the cloth diapers or you can say langots, a more traditional name for cloth diapers or eco nappies. I have started the use of disposable diapers when we need to go outside or at nights on season changing. First three to four months on traditional cloths diapers next few months an on organic disposable nappies then I got to know about different types of cloth diapers. I was totally amazed after seeing the great range of traditional triangle shaped langots: Prefolds, Fitteds, Contours, Hybrids, Pockets, all-in-one and Sleeve Diapers. In amazing styles with several varieties, these eco-friendly cloth diapers have made a great comeback and majorly break the culture of disposable diapers. Yes, it’s not totally because these stunning diapers also have some limitations like an upfront investment on these cloth diapers is quite high as compared with disposable diapers. But on the front of baby health and environment betterment disposable diapers are a bit unsafe thing.

My first eco nappies purchase was with FirstCry. Good product with nice fabric, pretty color, easier to use and on budgetary price. I am still using it and haven’t found any issue with it. And next cloth nappy purchase was from Amazon with yummy mummy changing bag.


Which is Best Nappy for your Newborn?

I am happy with my decision to choose Cloth diapers but also dependent on disposable diapers on numerous occasions. Our pack of cloth diapers is basically to use at home, and pack of disposables or pampers when I do travel with my baby.


Choice, preference, and decision can be different for different people. Mom knows best for her child so there is no best or worst decision or choice. If you and your baby are happy in eco nappies go for it. But make sure your decision must give a softer feel to your baby and no diaper rash. And my suggestion is to read out pros and cons of cloth and disposable diapers before making any decision for your baby.  If you are also expecting and want to check out the list of best brands for New Baby Care Products then check out our interesting and informative post of Checklist of Best Brands for New Baby Care Products.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of both so that you and your partner can make the best decision for your little bundle of joy!!

Are Cloth nappies the best nappies?



  • A onetime purchase and it’s all yours to keep and reuse over and over and over again! And it can be used for more than one kid.
  • Costs incurred with cloth diapers are quite less, almost one-third costs of disposable diapers. Though cost can be varied on how long your child will need diapers.
  • Cost of cleaning and drying cloth diapers can be saved by opting cloth diaper service.
  • Cloth diapers also help the baby in potty training as they could actually feel the wetness.
  • It leads fewer rashes or irritations to the baby’s skin as you need to change your baby’s wet diaper more frequently.
  • These natural nappies come in a variety of good looking and well-fitted designs and no more pins. Along with you can also design your own.
  • They are environmentally friendly because they do not find up in the landfill like disposable diapers do.


  • Extra laundry loads; too much water, time, energy if you do laundry on your own and can lead cost on you if you choose cloth diaper service. While doing laundry you also need to use natural detergent products which can soothe the baby skin.
  • You need to change eco nappies frequently otherwise they can cause rashes to the baby skin as they don’t absorb moisture the way disposables do.
  • You have to carry the dirty diaper with you if you are out. One of the main things I dislike about cloth diapers as it’s difficult to wash the cloth diapers while you are traveling. That’s why I use the disposable diaper for my baby when I leave the house.
  • It’s not suitable for a newborn as they are out of that size so quickly and also bulky. And can be quite messy when you want to remove the poop.


Are Disposable best nappies?



  • They are easy and smaller and slimmer than cloth diapers.
  • They are more absorbent and keep the baby for the longtime dryer and suitable during sleep time.
  • There is no time consuming or costly laundry process.
  • They are travel-friendly and almost every parent use disposable when they leave the house.
  • They are easier to change and dispose of. Just one fold and plunge in the garbage bin.


  • Disposable nappies are not apt to potty train baby as they don’t really feel wet or soil in disposables.
  • These nappies are very costly in long run.
  • They are more harmful than cloth diapers and plastic-like feel of the disposal and absorbent chemicals can cause a lot of rashes, irritation and allergic reactions to baby’s skin.
  • Disposables are also environment-friendly. Millions of untreated waste are deposited into landfills via disposables every year.




There are moms using cloth diapers, there are moms using pampers and there are moms using both like a new mom of Bumpnmum.

Which mom are you?

Cloth diaper mom or disposable diaper mom? I would love to know what you are planning to do or have done. Share with me in comments. Stay tuned with me to read out a new post on “what types of best nappies are available in the market for our diaper baby”.


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  1. This is a very useful guide for new mums…but cloth diaper is good for babies as compared to disposable one because cloth is soft as compared to the disposable diaper…thanks for sharing

  2. When I was a new mom, I remember trying both kinds of diapers. There are so many reasons to use cloth, but in the end, went with disposable. At the time I was in college and we didn’t have much money to do lots of laundry. My daughter-in-law, on the other hand, is using cloth and it’s been a great decision for them. x

  3. A great guide for new moms. I have children, I think cloth diapers are good for babies. I will save to share with friends. Thanks you!

  4. I don’t have a baby yet, but If I were to choose – most likely I will be doing the same. I will use cloth nappies at home and disposable for travel and some other required situation.

  5. When I had my son, I started with cloth nappy as my kid was very comfy in the cloth ones..later on I switched to disposable ones as and when needed while travelling or during night sleep.

  6. I am liking th come back of cloth diapers/ langot as you rightly said about the Indian name. These diapers are very bright, colourful and most importantly hygienic

  7. Cloth nappy sounds so amazing and hygenic , at the same time good for skin.I do not have any kid but that’s what I feel 😊

  8. I am thinking of trying this out after reading the review. It’s time for my son to get potty trained so will use these in the daytime.

  9. I have never used cloth diapers and dont think I would., I have a little one and we just use normal throwaway ones. I like the pros and cons, great for new moms.


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