Best Honeymoon poses you must definitely try

“A wedding is the biggest event in a person’s life! Couple getting married start planning for the big day and the life months ahead… and next after the big day comes the grand honeymoon! Yes, that’s right the honeymoon! Everyone gets excited hearing the mere word honeymoon.”



You too must be planning for your honeymoon right?

After the extensive and exhaustive wedding planning, a honeymoon is quite a relief. You will have to choose an ideal getaway so you get some relaxation and alone time.

The most important thing when planning for a honeymoon is the destination! There are many ideal honeymoon destinations that you can choose from! You will have to choose a destination that is ideal for both your partner and yourself. It is your time together as a legally wed-couple. It is your once-in-a-lifetime vacay and no it can’t be just ok! It should be something you can cherish forever!

Now, how can you cherish it forever? Nah… not just the memories. You will need strong evidence that chronicles your happy moments for a lifetime! Just like the wedding, honeymoon too is once in a lifetime do (unless you plan on doing it more than once! Wink!). So planning photography for your honeymoon is a great idea!

Here are a few excellent honeymoon photo ideas:

Capture the Sun in heart!

This is the most trending honeymoon photograph, isn’t it? Make a heart using your hands and capture the sun in it. It is one of the most romantic couple pictures ever and the trend is here to stay!







Hidden kiss

Be it an arranged marriage or a love marriage, a honeymoon selfie can always be lovely! Stand in front of the sun and let your shadows do the kissing! This will definitely be romantic couple photography at peaks. This is my one of the favorite honeymoon shot.






Let it be a natural union!

Pose with your sweetheart as the sun touches the horizon to capture your romantic moment. This pose is a stunning experience too! The one thing that you should take care of when posing for the picture is to see that your faces are well lit so you don’t appear like ghosts.




Intimate, Professional photos of the two of you!







Go natural!

By this, we mean that you take pictures while enjoying your vacation. Be it in the arms of your sweetheart or while doing something that you have never done before like skydiving or paragliding! Take some good pictures depending on the place you are at.








Best honeymoon photographs involve bedroom shot too!


Use these ideas to capture the best bits with your love! If you also have some exciting ideas for a honeymoon photography, please let us know.


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  2. These are great ideas! I love quirky,fun and unique photos so these are really cool!
    My husband hates to be infront of the camera so I am not sure he would make that kind of effort! But never mind for some photos when he gaved us a 15 month honeymoon trip round the world!❤️

  3. These are some great ideas for honeymoon photo-shoots. I have never thought of getting professional photos done during a honeymoon but it does make sense to hire a photographer and let him or her document your trip. Those memories will last for life.

  4. Great ideas on Honeymoon shots, specially the Hidden kiss one. But you need to take some one professional to that destination with you for honeymoon to take these great shots or have to explain the stranger what subject we want to take in picture.

  5. How cool are these? Such wonderful inspiration for couples honeymooning (or not) I especially loved all of the ideas with hearts. The first photo with the afternoon sun and her flowy veil is so dreamy! x

  6. Awesome article! So much inspiration and great ideas for poses and stunning photographs!
    Thanks so much, will be putting them into practice soon.

  7. What a lovely photo ideas for honeymoon! All the photos are simply gorgeous! My favorite is a hidden kiss, so sweet and romantic, I’ll keep it in mind 🙂

  8. Some of these ideas are really genius – like the first one where your chins form a heart – too cute. But also the shadow on the wall is nice and the hands in the sand with the rings – very artistic. It’s nice that you are sharing these.

  9. These are great ideas for honeymoon poses, however, I much prefer the natural spontaneous shots. I thought my wedding was my biggest day in life until I had my son.


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