7 Signs To Determine Whether The Baby is Getting Enough Breast Milk Or Not


It is one of the most common questions among new moms: Is my baby getting enough breast milk? They are always looking for ways that how to increase milk supply or how to increase breast milk. It is impossible for a breastfeeding mother to find out how much milk their body is producing and how much is newborn getting. Breast milk can be measured only using scientific methods. Out of 100, there are only about 5 to 10 percent of all breastfeeding mothers who have a relatively low milk supply. Firstly, wipe off all the doubts that whether you’re producing enough or not and start looking for these signs to ensure that the baby is getting enough breast milk.

Breastfeeding- Is Your Baby Getting Enough Breast Milk?


Baby’s Health: If you think that the baby is gaining weight at a steady rate, then there is no need to worry. However, if you think that there are weight problems, try to find how you can increase breast milk production. Take the help of your doctor to combat the breastfeeding problems and follow a proper breastfeeding diet because you need to be healthy first to avoid breastfeeding problems.

Count Diapers: To check whether the baby is getting enough breastfeeding milk or not, count the number of diapers. If the baby is having at least six to eight wet nappies each day, then the baby is getting enough breast milk. However, if the number is less, you need to find a solution of how to pump breast milk because the baby might not be getting enough breast milk in this case. Also, the first few days baby will wet only 2 nappies. Fret not that is not a breastfeeding problem.

Baby’s Gaining Weight: Weight is another factor that can help to find whether the baby is getting enough breast milk. A baby’s health lies in the benefits of breastfeeding. A newborn may lose some weight by third or fourth day, but if there is a weight loss even after 10 days. Then there can be any problem, it can either be a breastfeeding problem or any other issue. To increase breast milk production, use the method of fenugreek and breastfeeding.

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Relaxed and Satisfied: If baby seems satisfied after every breastfeeding session, then there is no need to worry.

Breastfeeding Frequency: If a baby demands more breastfeeding sessions than the nominal, it can be a problem. To avoid breastfeeding problems, consult your doctor and know how to increase breast milk. Use frequency as an indicator to determine whether the baby is getting enough breast milk or not. Also read out this post to check out whether your baby is ready for first solids foods or not.


Breasts: After feeding, your breasts should feel light. This is an indicator that the baby has emptied the breast milk.

Baby’s Swallowing: Watch carefully and you will notice that the newborn baby actually swallows after every few gulps. In some cases, there would be small movements. Therefore all you need to do is watch on to your baby’s actions and find out If the baby has latched well.

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