Being a very ordinary girl I have nothing as much to tell about myself. Like others, I also have some dreams, aims and to achieve those I am struggling each day. Sometimes I could able to make my day fruitful and sometimes it goes into the bin because of the lack of my me time. The reason for my inconsistency is now I am a mom, now you can say a mommy blogger and youtuber. Sometimes friends, relatives, colleagues call me busy bee and I reply them all the time that I am not a busy, I am a mom.

Life becomes very struggling and hard when you become a mom. You have no time for your favorite’s cup of tea, for relatives, friends, for any weekend fun, social engagements, to treat your dry skin. But you know it does not lessen my happiness, joy. I am wordless to define my ecstasy for this beautiful thing that happened in my life. Little arrival has totally reinvented my world and filled my life with happiness, gratitude, and purpose that gonna last forever. He makes me complete. The reason for developing Bumpnmum is one and only my little man. He is my inspiration to write down all the stages, feelings, scary or exciting changes you go through during pregnancy.


Bumpnmum is the blog of a new mom of cute little prince, who is a software developer by profession but now turned into mommy blogger by this little man. Through this blog I want to tell all the expectant mom, new mom that pregnancy is such a wonderful and worrisome time. Celebrate your every day and try to make it stress-free because his calming and loving presence, tiny hands, hugs, the giggles will change your life forever. Your every new day brings superior, unexpected things than the last.

Bumpnmum- Journey of a momma!!