Survive 2019 Summer Pregnancy in the Most Fashionable Way!

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Dear mommy, you are about to give birth to someone new, you are the creator of a new life, you have achieved a new milestone in your life, and you will do everything to protect the unborn.

As much as you care for the unborn, you should pay equal attention to yourself too.

You need as much attention as your baby. Comfort should be in the top of your list because it’s only when you feel comfortable, the baby inside you will feel comfortable too. Comfort should be on top of your list and when its time for summer, nothing but only comfortable clothes can make you feel better. Wearing the right kind of clothes during pregnancy is not just a luxury, but it is a necessity too.


Why should a Pregnant Women keep herself Comfortable and Wear Comfortable Clothes only?



• During pregnancy, your body goes through a lot of changes. That’s one of the biggest reasons why you should always wear comfortable garments.

• During pregnancy, your body also goes through drastic hormonal changes too, which often makes your skin become sensitive. If so, your body will become prone to rashes and allergies. If you wear the right material dress, you can avoid lots of rashes and skin irritation too.

• The first few months of pregnancy will make you feel extremely sick which includes vomiting too. Sticking to comfortable clothes will be the best decision for such a time.

• During summer pregnant women complain a lot about sweating and heat. In order to avoid that, it is better to wear clothes which are of light fabric and won’t make you feel suffocated.

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What type of Clothes should you be Wearing?


Before we tell you about the best fashion for pregnant ladies during the summer, let us first tell you what type of clothes you should be wearing.

• Cotton should be your best friend during summer. They are comfortable and let you breathe in and out all day long. Pick clothes which are loose so that your body can breathe in easily. Plus, cotton is good for sweat too.

• Don’t wear jeans during pregnancy. Wear easy to wear trousers or skirts with elastics. They can be worn easily, and you don’t have to worry about zipping it.

• Always wear clothes which will give support to your baby bump. A lot of maternity tops are available in e-commerce sites like stalkbuylove. You can try stalkbuylove offers to buy some maternity tops and dresses.

• Don’t wear old undergarments, especially bras. During pregnancy, your breast will increase its size, so get rid of the old ones and buy new ones and make sure they are made of cotton fabric.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Picking the Best Style for Summers

Now, since we have talked about why you should wear comfortable dress and garments and what kind, let us now dig deep into fashion quotient that you should look forward to for 2019 summer.

• Always pick Lightweight maternity clothes
The key to surviving scorching heat summer days is to always wear lightweight maternity clothes. Keep yourself cool and refreshed. Wear clothes which are made of cotton, natural fibres, and linen. In summer skips those synthetic fibres, they will make you uncomfortable. Keep it light and cool.

Don’t hide that Baby Bump

You are pregnant and its great news, so why hide it? Buy some beautiful maternity from Max fashion and use Max fashion coupon codes to buy them. If you want to buy a body-con dress, then buy a body-con dress which will keep your baby bump comfortably. Body-con fits around a body perfectly. It will make you and your baby bump look really sexy.

• Be careful about your Footwear
During pregnancy, the feet start to swell a lot and it happens too often. Wear sandals and shoes which you can take off easily. The best thing to do would be to buy a cool pair of sneakers. They are easy to wear and extremely comfortable too. Match it well with the dress you are wearing and ensure your body feels comfortable non-stop.

• Maternity Swimwear is really something
It’s summer and all you want to do is dive into the pool in the morning. But you thought maternity swimwear is so boring. Well, truth to be told, it is not! They are as sexy as you are. Nowadays you can get maternity swimwear with frills and different prints. They are so much fun and are available in some really interesting prints.

• Time to buy some Denim cut-offs
You must have heard about maternity denim jeans, but have you heard about maternity denim cut-offs? You can wear any of the loose summer tops with the brand-new denim cut-offs. Ladies, your pregnant and you have every right to look simply the best. Denim cut-offs anyway never go out style.

• Accessories are a must
Whatever you wear for a hot summer day, don’t forget to accessorize it. Let’s say you are heading to the beach, carry a straw hat with you, you will need it darlings to save yourself from sun tan. Also, never forget to carry your classy pair of sunglasses too. Keep your eyes and face protected.

• Top-knot Bun
You know its hot already and afternoons are really not a good time for a flowy hair. Rather embrace a top-knot bun and keep your hair off your face. This will save you from unnecessary sweat too.

Now, you know what to wear and how to look stylish even during hot summer days. Don’t miss any of these fashion tips and look fabulous with your adorable baby bumps.

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