Month: July 2017


First best foods and healthy fats for your toddler

So new momma has started to give first food for their toddler… Having a baby is the most amazing feeling in the world and seeing them learn every little detail of life is something only parents can understand! As the baby starts growing up, it is the responsibility of the parents to take care of Read More


My 5 Days Trip to Bangkok After Being a Mom ❤

Being a Sagittarius I could better relate myself with a true traveler. My quest for adventure and traveling is endless. This free bird is very much comfortable on the road or agrees with my friends who call me Crazy Trip Maker. Since a few days back I was also on my new wonderful and thrilling Read More

Baby Care during Monsoon

How to do Child Care in the Monsoon

Monsoon is here… With a hot cup of tea in my hand I was busy in enjoying the enticing scene of the raindrops on plants; suddenly my little k got to wake up and starts creeping towards me. Beautiful rainy morning and embracing a baby in arms you can’t feel that miraculous feeling. In the Read More